12 Telecom Business Ideas You Can Start Today [2023]

12 Telecom Business Ideas You Can Start Today [2023]

Interested in starting a telecom business in 2023?

We put together 12 of the best telecom businesses you can start in today.

For each business idea, we’ll show real-world examples of other telecom businesses to help you see what it really takes.

Here's the full list:

1. Create a digital wallet app

A digital wallet is a financial transaction application that runs on mobile devices. In today’s digital era, people demand the freedom to purchase anything and be able to pay from their digital wallets.

With technological advancement, making digital payments has become easier than ever before. Anyone can use mobile payment platforms to pay and accept payments online. Therefore, creating a digital payments wallet can be a great business opportunity.

To create a digital wallet, conduct extensive market research and create a business plan. It would help if you could hire competent programmers to create a secure payment gateway.

How Much Can You Make?
$220,000 — $1,500,000/month
Average Initial Investment
Time To Revenue
240 days
Work from home

Case Study

My name is Yavor Petrov and I’m the CEO of iCard - a unique and 100% digital bank account alternative.

Since the launch in late 2017 , the iCard app got around 500,000 downloads. An increasing number of our users opt to use our accounts for getting salaries paid in because of the security tools we have embedded. Everyone has their own particular favourite feature, but spending money in a way that provides better than expected funds protection is the main conversion point and we seek any opportunity to emphasize it.


2. Start a sms marketing business

SMS marketing refers to sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages.

With 85% 0f adults in the US owning a smartphone, SMS is an excellent way to reach customers directly. Recent statistics show that approximately 55% of US retailers plan to increase investments in mobile SMS marketing.

Typical applications of SMS marketing include:

  • Personalized promotions
  • Offers or discounts
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Online surveys

Given the widespread adoption of SMS marketing, you better start your SMS marketing platform and offer businesses the service based on once-off purchases or long-term subscriptions.

How Much Can You Make?
$2,000 — $3,100,000/month
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

My name is Lars Helgeson and I am the founder of GreenRope, a CRM and marketing automation platform. Our company started in 2000 as an email marketing SaaS and in 2008 decided to focus on the challenges that businesses face in managing sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

GreenRope has over 1,000 customers in over 20 countries, ranging from startups to universities and municipalities.


3. Start a virtual call center business

Do you enjoy helping people and talking on the phone? If you want a business that provides flexibility regarding working location and time, consider starting a virtual call center business.

A virtual call center can be a lucrative low capital and a work-from-home business. Here is a list of what you need to start a virtual call center business:

  • Select a specialty area/niche
  • Buy computers and call center software
  • Find clients
  • Focus on growing your business

When starting a virtual call center business, some clients may require you to use their defined call center software.

How Much Can You Make?
Average Initial Investment

Case Study

Hello, my name is Jaime Nacach, I was born in Mexico and currently live in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. I’m a marketing strategist with a huge passion for technology. Four years ago, I decided to create a new company named Virtual Latinos. I wanted it to be a company that offered services that were beneficial to everyone involved. We call it a Win-Win-Win situation.


4. Start a phone repair business

The unprecedented growth of the mobile phone industry has given rise to many businesses that depend on the industry.

The mobile phone repair business is one example of a profitable opportunity in the telecommunication industry. People cannot live without a mobile phone, so visiting a repair shop is often the first option when their current set is damaged.

Thus, you could consider opening a mobile phone repair business if you are a cell phone engineer. The phone repair business is low-capital and allows owners to define their work routines.

5. Start a cable TV network providing business

Cable television network delivers programming to consumers via a radio frequency (RF) signal transmitted through coaxial cables or light pulses. Starting a TV network is not massive a task as you may think.

To launch your TV network, rent a channel and set up your technical equipment. You will need staff to help you with programming and creating content. When you have a technical team and equipment set, announce the channel and focus on attracting an audience.

6. Start a recharge voucher selling

The prepaid mobile telephony market has shown rapid growth. The sale of voucher cards will remain a lucrative business idea.

To start a voucher sale business, you can become a retailer or a wholesaler or start a voucher & recharge management system that offers a secure and flexible prepaid service recharge solution that supports multiple payment options.

7. Start a network equipment & devices business

Networking hardware refers to network equipment required for communication between different hardware connected to a network. The network devices help to ensure a hassle-free sharing of network resources between multiple systems.

According to statistics, the network devices market will grow by a CAGR of 6.6% to reach $36.4 Billion.

If you are looking for profitable telecom business ideas, consider starting a network devices business.

8. Start an internet service provider business

The global broadband internet services market has grown significantly over the past decade. As the work-from-home culture becomes the new normal, more people will need a network connection. Therefore, starting an internet service provider business can be a lucrative opportunity.

You must get your ISP license approval and invest in network infrastructure to start an ISP business.

9. Start a smartphones shop

According to statistics, over 80% of the world's population use a smartphone.

Technology changes rapidly, and consumers want the latest gadget with advanced functionality. Thus, starting a smartphone shop is a lucrative opportunity to benefit from the ever-increasing market.

10. Start a telecommunication masts construction and installation business

As telecommunication companies are working towards achieving 100% connectivity across the country. Thus, they hire telecommunication engineers to help erect the transmitter masts.

Thus, starting a telecommunication erection and installation business can be a lucrative opportunity for all telecom engineers. Telecom erection and installation businesses work from the ground up to build structures and install telecommunication equipment.

11. Start a telecommunications business

The telecommunication business involves the development, ownership, or operation of one or more telephone, telecommunications or information systems. Typically, telecom companies provide infrastructure to enable clients to transmit voice, video, and data.

To start a telecommunication business, you need telecommunication skills.

Average Initial Investment

12. Start a telecom products distribution business

Interested in starting a telecommunication-related business? Consider becoming a telecom products distributor.

Telecommunication equipment includes public switching, transmission, and customer premises equipment. To become a telecommunication products distributor, identify the in-demand telecom equipment, and find a reliable manufacturer.

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