Private parts

Private parts

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Private parts

Firefox just became the most private browser in the world. They’re blocking almost all cookie tracking.

Also, since last year, users in California now have the right to know what large companies know about them, and the right to block the sale of that information to others.

The trend here? Users are demanding more control over their data. They’re also more likely to choose companies that are transparent regarding their data collection and usage.

And for businesses, privacy is 100x more important than it was 5 years ago. The world's top brands can lose between $93B and $223B because of a data breach.

When there’s such a key problem to solve, that means there are opportunities to make money. Here are some amazing case studies that prove how lucrative the privacy industry can be:

#1. These two founders’ Google Analytics alternative is used by Github, IBM, Buffer, and many more

#2. This company helped over 250K people reclaim their personal data

#3. This privacy-focused email hosting service generates $1.8M/year

#4. This private digital suggestion box is used by 60,000 companies

#5. This Zoom alternative reached 100K+ customers by focusing on privacy

By the numbers:

Our take:

Users used to not care much about their personal data being collected. But that is changing.

People are willing to pay for services that respect their privacy and don’t sell their data to third-party companies.

Companies have much more at stake, they could potentially lose clients and lots of money. That’s why many don’t want to use free services and risk data leaks when information gets processed on third party servers.

Low-carbs, high-dollars

The keto diet industry is expected to generate a revenue of $14.75B by 2027. That’s huge for just one kind of diet.

Being a fairly strict diet, most people need some guidance when they get started.

That’s probably why this dietist is making $45K/month just 1.5 years after starting the company.

Also, many of the products you’ll find on a supermarket’s shelf aren’t compatible with this lifestyle; creating a market opportunity for keto-friendly products.

Learn how these founders took advantage of this growing trend:

And you know what? 3/4 of these businesses were started by solo founders. Check here other successful businesses you can start as a solo founder.

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Quick hitters

(1) These are the fastest-growing businesses during COVID (found thanks to our follow-up stories):

(2) This Twitter user turned a parody account into a $420K/year business. Finance and investment are so big -people always want to make money- that even the most unconventional approaches can become 6-figure businesses.

This online community reached $3M thanks to its powerful marketing message.


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