Millionaire couples

Millionaire couples

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Til bankruptcy do us part

Starting a business with your partner might sound extra risky, as you could end up losing both the business and the partner should it not be successful.

Did you know that in the UK 1.4M businesses are run by couples? Also, 43% of businesses in the US are family-run.

Will you start a business with your couple? 

This couple did it and now pull in $1M/year selling stuff you'd find in your kitchen.


Some more examples:

Want even more examples? Check out these 18 successful business ideas started by couples.

Why you should care

Did you know that 65% of startups fail due to conflict among co-founders?

Even if you can find a potential co-founder with the right skills, you may not vibe with them on a personal level.

Why not choose someone you already trust and vibe with? The perfect co-founder may be closer than you think.

By the numbers

Can't find a co-founder?

We know how hard it is to find the right co-founder, so we did a deep dive into our case studies and found the 13 most common ways people find co-founders.

5 other stories worth checking

💰 This guy bought 40 businesses in 3 years. I love the idea of buying businesses instead of building them. Why spend years trying to get traction when you can have customers and generate revenue from Day 1. More examples: Jake bought this website and tripled revenue in 6 months, and Christopher bought this business and took it from a few hundred dollars to 5 figures per month.

💸 Speaking of acquisitions, this guy just sold a business that he built in high school. He was struggling with growth, selling the business and cashing out was a smart move in that situation. 

📦 This company is building an alternative delivery system. More than 50% of online shoppers abandon their carts at checkout because of the high cost of shipping, which means that the current system doesn't work for lots of people. Their solution results in an 8% to 34% increase in conversion rates. 

👠 This company grew its revenue to $8K/month by starting an online community. Instead of relying solely on individual consultancies, now they have a recurring revenue stream. Online communities are hot, Discord recently reached 300 registered users. You can build a profitable community around pretty much any niche: indie founders ($2K/month)fighting fake news ($10K/month)remote workers ($1K/month), or learning to code ($25K/month).

💊 You won' believe what this company is 3D-printing. In the past, it's been used to make phone cases ($1.4M/year), or better casts ($500K/year). But this feels like a sci-fi movie.

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Billions will be made off this API

Not sure if you saw this, but Open AI released DALL-E 2, their new AI that can create original images from simple text. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to watch this video.

Although that's cool, let's take a step back and remember the last product they launched, GPT-3.

One thing I did not expect from the GPT-3 launch: that companies would make a killing off that API...

An entire industry was built on top of the GPT-3 API.

Why you should care

This is only the beginning for AI. Whenever these new AI tools come out, I can think of hundreds of businesses that can be created.

For the new Dall-E 2, here are some potential business ideas: logo generator, mascot creator, album art creator, book cover creator, blog post image creator (I would love that), design mockups, and the list goes on...

I would get on that waitlist if I were you.

By the numbers

One last thing...

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