The 100 Best Proposal Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 100 Best Proposal Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

Proposal Software is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular proposal software tools.

Here they are:

1. Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ delivers automated sales quoting 5 to 10 times faster and easier to deploy than traditional CPQ applications

Businesses using Salesforce CPQ:

7 successful businesses are using Salesforce CPQ ➜


Get Salesforce CPQ ➜

2. PandaDoc

A document automation software as a service with built-in electronic signatures, workflow management, a document builder, and CPQ functionality.

Businesses using PandaDoc:

5 successful businesses are using PandaDoc ➜

Get PandaDoc ➜

3. Proposify

An ideal application for small to medium-sized businesses especially suited for the creative industries (advertising, marketing, design, etc.) or any company that requires a proposal to win new business.

Businesses using Proposify:

5 successful businesses are using Proposify ➜


Get Proposify ➜

4. Prospero

Professional proposal software

Businesses using Prospero:

1 successful business is using Prospero ➜


Get Prospero ➜

5. Lancelot

Lancelot was designed to make it as easy as possible to create beautiful proposals

Businesses using Lancelot:

1 successful business is using Lancelot ➜


Get Lancelot ➜

6. HoneyBook

HoneyBook helps creative entrepreneurs and freelancers book more clients, manage projects and get paid all in one place

Businesses using HoneyBook:

1 successful business is using HoneyBook ➜


Get HoneyBook ➜

7. PitchPerfect

On-premise tool that enables users to build high quality proposal and BD documents directly within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Businesses using PitchPerfect:

1 successful business is using PitchPerfect ➜


Get PitchPerfect ➜

8. Better Proposals

Better Proposals helps you create your proposals faster, makes them look more professional and gives you all the tools you need to win the job as quick as possible

Businesses using Better Proposals:

1 successful business is using Better Proposals ➜


Get Better Proposals ➜

9. Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is a powerful way to manage your client-focused business

Businesses using Practice Ignition:

1 successful business is using Practice Ignition ➜


Get Practice Ignition ➜

10. Colibro

Colibro tools was built to help small businesses and freelancers stay organized, professional and focused on their passions


Get Colibro ➜


Template-based PDF proposal creation application for project proposals


Get ➜

12. QuoteCloud

Business proposal and sales quotation software that provides alerts, sales forecasting, images/videos adding, and legal compliance


Get QuoteCloud ➜

13. Leap

End-to-end point of sale application digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process


Get Leap ➜

14. infoRouter

InfoRouter provides all the right tools to help manage the complicated process of putting together winning proposals


Get infoRouter ➜

15. Docspo

Send proposals that impress your clients without effort


Get Docspo ➜

16. ivently

Proposal Software for Events Professionals


Get ivently ➜

17. Click2Contract

Click2Contract is a solution for salespeople to close deals


Get Click2Contract ➜

18. Archer RFP

Web-based software that cuts the request for proposal time down and allows analytical comparison of vendors side by side


Get Archer RFP ➜

19. Tender Manager

A low cost, easy to learn, MEAT tender assessment tool for individuals, companies and organisations needing a low overhead solution


Get Tender Manager ➜

20. RocketDocs

Delivering a powerful proposal software & sales enablement tool to respond quickly, accurately & securely to proposals & questionnaires


Get RocketDocs ➜

21. DocuCollab

Increases deal velocity, accelerates revenue & saves 40% users' time


Get DocuCollab ➜

22. SalesDoc Architect

Brings together automated product configuration, pricing and document generation into one platform for complex solution providers


Get SalesDoc Architect ➜

23. Dottie

Helps small event businesses manage their clients, send them beautiful proposals and organize payments


Get Dottie ➜

24. Proposa

Ditch Powerpoints and create & send beautiful online proposals in seconds, track prospect behavior, and win more deals, faster


Get Proposa ➜

25. ScopeStack

The new standard in proposal management for IT services


Get ScopeStack ➜

26. PropUp

An integrated proposal platform focused on streamlining responses using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Get PropUp ➜

27. InnovaRFP

SharePoint based adaptable RFP, RFQ, and RFI response management tool that integrates with MS Office


Get InnovaRFP ➜

28. Perfect Event Proposals

Proposal design software for Event Planners


Get Perfect Event Proposals ➜

29. Pro-Posal

Presentation tool that allows you to create custom proposals for your customers - invoicing, follow up system and easy to add PDF docs


Get Pro-Posal ➜

30. Sofon Guided Solutions

Sofon helps sales employees to easily and quickly translate customer requirements into error-free professional proposals and quotations


Get Sofon Guided Solutions ➜

31. Proposal ID

Proposal automation system that helps you win more sales by creating intelligently designed proposals


Get Proposal ID ➜

32. Pavement Layers

Proven sales process used along with simple software


Get Pavement Layers ➜

33. RFPflow

Request for Proposal Management Solution


Get RFPflow ➜

34. XaitPorter

XaitPorter is a complete all-in-one co-authoring software solution for teams to collaboratively create, manage and produce documents


Get XaitPorter ➜

35. seProposals

Easy-to-use Proposal AND Quoting platform


Get seProposals ➜

36. Estimo

Estimo is RFP response and proposal creation software that streamlines your sales process by keeping all your sales data in one place


Get Estimo ➜

37. ClientPoint

Sales & marketing teams looking to improve their online relationship with prospects & clients


Get ClientPoint ➜

38. VIPER DMC Software Solution

A cloud-based software solution for Destination Management Companies (DMC's) to deliver stunning online proposals and manage programs


Get VIPER DMC Software Solution ➜

39. Conga Document Generation

Web-based tool that helps businesses automate document generation processes and by connecting all parts of business


Get Conga Document Generation ➜

40. Proposeful

Create impressive online business proposals and presentations, track client access, and get proposals accepted in seconds with Proposef


Get Proposeful ➜

41. ClientSky

Create, send and track professional sales proposals that can be viewed and accepted by your client online, from any device


Get ClientSky ➜

42. Duuers

Web-based software for small businesses that helps create and send business proposals in less than 60 seconds


Get Duuers ➜

43. Meridian for RFP Analysis

Meridian for RFP Analysis not only automates the complex process of requirements managements, it also expedites the development of annotated outlines, compliance and cross-reference matrices, and author worksheets for narrative input


Get Meridian for RFP Analysis ➜

44. Professional Document Analyzer

Shred /Parse documents (RFPs) & generate Compliance Matrices (including X-Ref), Find Differences between versions, Generate real RACI matrices, Readability with Ranking per "what is important to you", Find & Validate Acronyms & more


Get Professional Document Analyzer ➜

45. Proposal and RFP Software

Quickly generate professional proposals and RFPs that will win new business


Get Proposal and RFP Software ➜


Quote and proposal creation software with instant access to past line items and an option to send proposals via email of PDF


Get ➜

47. Huddle

Our clients tell us they are 35% more efficient when they use Huddle to manage bids and proposals


Get Huddle ➜

48. Cosential

Construction, Architecture and Engineering proposal management


Get Cosential ➜

49. EMS for Proposals

Enterprise Management Suite for Proposals - manages Request For Proposals, Request for Information, Request for Quote and more


Get EMS for Proposals ➜

50. Response Matrix

Simple click-and-drag desktop software organizes RFP response documentation


Get Response Matrix ➜

51. Revv

Revv gives businesses the speed and brand consistency in their documents to stand out from competitors


Get Revv ➜

52. Bidsketch

Web-based proposal creation tool with electronic signature support, team management, analytics and more


Get Bidsketch ➜

53. Nusii

Create beautiful proposals without fighting software or digging through old files


Get Nusii ➜

54. Zbizlink

Tool to manage the proposal process with templates to help your team collaborate and get organized


Get Zbizlink ➜

55. IncoDocs

IncoDocs is an export document management system that simplifies creating sales and export documentation used in global supply chains


Get IncoDocs ➜

56. Agiled

Business management platform that comes with CRM, HRM, financial management, and project management


Get Agiled ➜

57. eIntelli

A web-based application for proposal creation that allows for content sharing, response and business intelligence monitoring


Get eIntelli ➜

58. Loopio

Loopio is the leading RFP Response Management software that helps businesses supercharge and scale their response process for RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, Security Questionnaires, and more

Get Loopio ➜

59. Privia

Integrates document management, productivity tools and best-practice workflows in a workspace for government contractors and partners


Get Privia ➜

60. DocSales

A closer's best friend: everything you need to race from Sales Qualified Lead to billing


Get DocSales ➜

61. CV Partner

CV Partner is a SaaS tool to manage your CVs/Resumes and Case Studies for bids and proposals


Get CV Partner ➜

62. Synlio

Automates the RFP and bidding process with easy to use templates and automated vendor searching and communication


Get Synlio ➜

63. Vendavo CPQ Cloud

Enterprises can now increase sales productivity and win rates while delivering an improved customer experience

Get Vendavo CPQ Cloud ➜

64. Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Virtual data room and proposal management platform that allows to organize dealmaking process, add users to the data room, and more


Get Intralinks Virtual Data Room ➜

65. ProposalSmartz

Proposal generation software that also helps with creation of invoices, business letters, and contracts


Get ProposalSmartz ➜

66. Bidrik

Create beautiful sales proposals, track their progress and get help to close your deals faster


Get Bidrik ➜

67. Osmosis

Proposal writing solution for small businesses that helps gather project requirements with customizable online client questionnaires


Get Osmosis ➜

68. Quotegine

Allows you to create online-based web quotes and proposals in a matter of minutes in different styles and layouts


Get Quotegine ➜

69. Qwilr

Create the perfect proposal, pitch, sales quote and more with Qwilr


Get Qwilr ➜

70. OPA

An open source proposal appraisal software that comes in three versions: Coldfusion, PHP, and Java-based


Get OPA ➜

71. TenderEyes

Bid and tender management systems that support your teams to improve the quality of their tenders and ultimately to win more work!


Get TenderEyes ➜

72. GetAccept

Double Your Close Rate with Intelligent Sales Proposals Automation including eSigning to close more deals

Get GetAccept ➜

73. Ombud

Automate content-centric activities in the sales process


Get Ombud ➜

74. Quotient

Online quoting and proposal tool that allows to accept quotes and proposals instantly, and integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online


Get Quotient ➜

75. e-Procure

e-Procure is a completely free Blockchain B2B Platform offering an integrated cloud based Procurement and B2B sales software


Get e-Procure ➜

76. Offorte

Helps you win more deals and save valuable time by letting you share business proposals in a smart way and fun way


Get Offorte ➜

77. Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software

Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software is a completely customizable ERP solution designed to help kitchen businesses drive growth faster


Get Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software ➜

78. Zomentum

End to end sales enablement platform for MSPs


Get Zomentum ➜

79. KnowledgeTree

Web-based solution that provides proposal management through content delivery, administration, communication and more


Get KnowledgeTree ➜

80. RFP Engine

Collaborative platform for quote management for buyer & supplier side


Get RFP Engine ➜

81. DealHub

Easy to set up and easy to use, DealHub creates the perfect brand experience on every quote, proposal, order form, contract, and agreement you send


Get DealHub ➜


Proposal pricing software used by federal agencies and contractors to replace homegrown and excel-based pricing tools



83. Typewiser

First funding proposal editor for SME instrument application


Get Typewiser ➜

84. PleaseReview

PleaseReview provides a simple, easy to use and powerful solution that helps your team work together efficiently and returning the focus to producing content that wins business


Get PleaseReview ➜

85. SmartDocs for Microsoft Word

SmartDocs brings state-of-the-art proposal automation tools right into Microsoft Word's intuitive and user-friendly environment


Get SmartDocs for Microsoft Word ➜

86. Corporate Proposal Generator

Increase client conversion rates and the productivity of your engineering/sales teams with this corporate proposal generation software


Get Corporate Proposal Generator ➜

87. Proposable

Proposable empowers your company to create, track, and sign all your proposals without the headaches


Get Proposable ➜

88. SendSites

Proposal Software for Hotels, Destination Marketing and Resorts


Get SendSites ➜

89. VisibleThread Docs

Document analysis software proposal & contract teams


Get VisibleThread Docs ➜

90. eRFP

InHub is evolving the way the institutional investment community hires by bringing the RFP process online through 1 simple technology


Get eRFP ➜

91. TenderScout

Cloud-based tender management solution that assists firms with tender discovery, qualification and bidding

Get TenderScout ➜

92. ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell offers IT solution providers of all sizes a cloud-based quoting solution that enables the quote-to-cash process to run smoothly


Get ConnectWise Sell ➜

93. Capture2Proposal

Business intelligence, capture, & proposal management solution in one secure, collaborative, and customizable platform


Get Capture2Proposal ➜

94. Digital Sales Room

TDSR is a solution which helps you achieve more wins from your sales proposals by creating a shared space with your prospects


Get Digital Sales Room ➜

95. Tender Library

Tender Library is a search engine for your previous bid content


Get Tender Library ➜

96. Tilkee

At Tilkee, we revolutionise the way you sell and market! We put intelligence and efficiency back into your sales & marketing processes


Get Tilkee ➜

97. ProposalPath

Powerful web-based platform built to help hospitality sales professionals drive group sales


Get ProposalPath ➜

98. PROS Smart CPQ

Data-driven Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) with price guidance to maximize revenue and margin performance


Get PROS Smart CPQ ➜

99. Quote Manager

Quote Manager is a powerful add-on completely native within Dynamics 365


Get Quote Manager ➜

100. Expedience Proposal Software

For 25 years, Expedience Software's award-winning RFP & Proposal solution has helped sales and proposal teams create beautiful, branded, persuasive proposals in Microsoft Word


Get Expedience Proposal Software ➜

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