85+ Clever Plumbing Blog Post Topics & Ideas [2021]

85+ Clever Plumbing Blog Post Topics & Ideas [2021]

Looking to write a new plumbing blog post but experiencing some writer's block?

Coming up with new blog post topics and content ideas can be time-consuming and daunting.

What's even more challenging is coming up with a great content idea - one that will bring you the right traffic and resonate across your audience.

Writing a great blog post can take hours, days, and sometimes even weeks, so it’s critical that you do your research to ensure your post will reach your intended audience.

In this post, we provide you with:

  • Plumbing blog post topics to write about
  • Plumbing blogging ideas
  • Other plumbing content ideas
  • Real-world examples of plumbing blogs and topics
  • Proven tips and strategies on **how to find the right plumbing blog ideas.

Plumbing Blog Post Topics & Categories

Here are a few of the most popular plumbing blog post categories and topics to write about:

  • Plumbing industry
  • Plumbing profession
  • Plumbing tools
  • Plumbing trends
  • Plumbing solutions
  • Plumbing companies
  • Plumbing services
  • Plumbing supply
  • Plumbing store
  • Plumbing apprenticeship
  • Plumbing guide
  • Plumbing hacks

How-to-guide content style

How-to-guides are a great way to share insight and knowledge across your audience.

These guides are informative and teach your reader how to complete a given task using step-by-step instructions.

The more value and answers you bring to your reader, the more they are likely to return to your site and, eventually, turn into a customer. Here a few things to remember when writing your "how-to-guide:"

  • Write directly to your reader with clear and concise instructions
  • Identify the logical order of your instructions and use numbered lists
  • Use headings and bold to identify key stages in your step-by-step guide
  • Use photos and videos as much as possible to provide context to your reader

How-To-Guide Plumbing Blog Post Ideas

check out the full post [here](https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/plumbing/how-to-draw-a-plumbing-plan/)

check out the full post here

  • How to make your plumbing project successful
  • A buyer's guide on plumbing equipment
  • How to cut down costs while plumbing
  • How to choose the best plumber
  • How to work as a plumber
  • How to work as a plumber abroad
  • How to run a successful plumbing business
  • How to build a good career as a company plumber
  • How to fix the wrong water temperature on your shower
  • How to fix a leaking shower head
  • The ultimate guide in setting up a toilet
  • How to adjust the water heater temperature
  • How to sort out leaks beneath the walls
  • How to maintain your septic tank properly
  • The guide to frozen pipe prevention
  • How to sanitize a sump pump
  • How to patch pipes temporarily
  • How to prevent limescale
  • The guide on removing stains and rusts on your sink
  • How to solve hot water leakage
  • How to locate your plumbing system
  • How to use soda in cleaning your toilet
  • How to clean leftover grease and oil on your pipes
  • How to clean drain effectively
  • How to fix pipe leakage

List-based content style

Lists are a great way to consolidate information and provide your user with a quick and simple read.

For those that want a quick answer or don’t have time to read a long article, lists are a great way to quickly answer your searcher's query.

List content is great for driving traffic to your blog, and they are often quick to create.

List-Based Plumbing Content Ideas

check out the full post [here](https://poweredbyorange.com/9-most-famous-plumbers-and-their-accomplishments/)

check out the full post here

  • List of the best countries to work as a plumber
  • Most popular actors that are plumbers before
  • A comprehensive list of the different toilet parts
  • DIY piping diagrams
  • Easy ways to unclog your toilet bowl
  • Different traits of a good plumber
  • List of the plumbing tools that you should have
  • Alternative products that you can use for removing clogs
  • Factors that affect water quality
  • Different ways to safely clean your septic tank
  • Ways to save money on bathroom remodel
  • Reasons why you should remove stains on your toilet immediately
  • Ways to repair a running toilet
  • Top plumbing myths debunked
  • Ways on how to advertise your services as a plumber
  • Ways in fixing a dripping faucet
  • Easy ways to raise water on the toilet bowl
  • Signs that you have a clogged sink
  • Why plumbing is a rewarding career
  • Tips in finding shut off valves
  • All about sewer camera inspection
  • Top books to learn about plumbing
  • Common reasons for an overflowing toilet
  • List of the plumbing emergencies
  • Signs that you need a new toilet

Other blog post styles

There are various other blog post styles you can use to create content.

When you combine a mix of different blog post styles into your content strategy, you create an engaging experience for your audience.

Here are some other blog post styles you should consider experimenting with:

  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • Case studies
  • Interviews or Q&A's

Other Plumbing Blog Post Topic Ideas

check out the full post [here](https://plumbingdynamicsdallas.com/15-interesting-plumbing-facts-and-tips/)

check out the full post here

  • The latest plumbing news
  • Plumbing trends this 2021
  • The history of plumbing
  • Facts about plumbers
  • Why do toilets clog frequently
  • Can you flush a soap on the toilet
  • Best alternatives in clogged drainages
  • Best toilet brands that you can count on
  • All about toilet flange
  • Handiest plumbing tools that must be always readily available
  • What is calcium buildup on faucets
  • Why you should master the art of plumbing
  • How does a toilet work
  • What is a drain cleaning service
  • What happens if you flush foods in the toilet
  • Why starting a plumbing vlog might be profitable
  • Why flushing feminine products can be really bad
  • How much can you make as a plumber
  • Why are there black specks on my water
  • Is it easy to install a dishwasher
  • Why do you experience a bubbling toilet
  • All about water heaters
  • Water pressure and why it is important
  • How long does it take to master plumbing
  • What is a water softener

Guide: How To Find The Right Blog Post Topic & Content Ideas

Finding the right content type and topic for your blog is critical. The last thing you want is to spend hours and days writing a piece of content that doesn’t end up performing well.

We’ve outlined tips to help you find the right blog post topic

1. Find Blog Post Topics Using Google

Google search is a great (and free) tool for finding a content type and topic.

You can actually use google autocomplete to see what people are searching for:


2. Find Blog Post Ideas Through Competitors and Useful Websites

A great way to find content types is by seeing what your competitors with similar audiences are doing.

There are a few different ways you can do this:

  • Manually going through different websites to see what others are writing about
  • Use a tool like ahrefs to see top-performing websites and topics

3. Find Content Ideas Using Google Search Console

Google search console is a great and free way to see what your audience is searching for:


4. Make Sure You Can Perform Well For The Content

Just because your audience is searching for something, doesn’t always mean you can win for that content.

Consider looking at existing search results and other top-performing websites. Then, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are these top-performing sites massive businesses? If so, what would it take to rank for something like this?
  • Is the existing content in the search results good quality?
  • Are there ways that I can improve this content type? (ie. adding photos, videos, optimizing keywords, making the posts longer and more valuable to the reader, etc)

Final Thoughts

Finding a blog post topic and writing a great blog post involves research, basic SEO knowledge, and time.

It’s important to consider all of these factors prior to writing a blog post so you can make the most of your time and resources.

If you're looking for more tips and strategies to grow your business, check out our business ideas database here

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