Actionable Tips On Making Mobile-Friendly And Responsive Email Campaigns

Updated: October 8th, 2022

What Is A Mobile Email Strategy?

Mobile email strategy covers how a brand is embracing the mobile era to send personalized email campaigns in order to attain high click-through rates.

According to Email Monday, about 3 in 5 customers check their emails on mobile devices, while 75% of customers check emails using on their Smartphones.

Therefore, if you continue building your email marketing for desktop users only, chances are that the audience you are trying to reach will never open or read your email campaigns.

So, how do you optimize your email marketing messages for email? Keep reading for more insights.


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Cost Details
On average, a mid-size business can expect to spend $0 - $1,000 per month on email marketing depending on number of subscribers and the email platform.

Optimized Mobile Email Key Takeaways

  • Increased use of Smartphones is expected to continue accelerating the need for optimized mobile email campaigns.
  • The best email campaigns are optimized for mobile devices and feature a clear and concise message
  • If an email campaign is not optimized for mobile, expect a low email open rate and low CTR
  • When done right, mobile email marketing can increase your income substantially.

Understanding How Mobile Email Optimization Works

Smartphones and tablets represent a massive part of all email interactions and revenue, and can no longer be ignored by email marketers.

Mobile email optimization involves improving the visual layout of your email message. If the email does not display correctly on mobile devices, a large number of your email subscribers will simply delete the email or ignore your subsequent emails.

Therefore, to increase email open rates and to gain a high click-through rate, marketers have to ensure mobile-friendly email campaigns.

However, optimizing email campaigns for mobile is not just about making sure the email content renders correctly on the mobile screens.

A reinforced email marketing campaign minds the consumer’s interest and ensures easy to read and relevant email content.

To attain your email marketing goals, send personalized and effectively triggered emails, to ensures the subscribers receive interesting and relevant emails.

Real-World Examples Of Brands Sending Optimized Mobile Email Campaigns

1. How Holiday Pirates Improved Email Open Rates Through Mobile Friendly Design

The Holiday Pirates marketing team, ensures unmistakably mobile-first design when it comes to email marketing.


In the example above, holiday pirates used just a few words to ensure a positive effect on mobile conversions. Besides, the CTA button is strategically located and leads the user to the right landing page. Here is what we can learn from the Holiday Pirates email campaign above:

  • Design for mobile-first
  • Go easy on the email copy
  • Use CTAs with active links

2. How NatWest Redesigned Their email Campaigns To Attain Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

NatWest ensured a mobile-first approach for their email marketing campaigns. Today, they deliver eye-catching and mobile-friendly email campaigns to subscribers.


Clearly, their emails appear nice and sharp regardless of the device you view the emails.

NatWest applies a bicubic interpolation algorithm to ensure images are to scale and fluid. By simply making the images large enough, email subscribers can grasp the message quickly and take the appropriate action.

How To Start Sending Mobile Optimized Email Campaigns

  • Avoid too many images and do not embed large image files
  • Use a responsive email template from your email service provider
  • Ensure every word and character counts
  • Avoid long paragraphs and do not overcrowd links together
  • Use buttons to add CTAs
  • Include a link to your mobile-friendly landing page

Sending mobile-optimized emails is something you need to pay close attention to. To get started, choose friendly and easy-to-use email service providers.

when selecting the email service providers, check if they provide mobile-friendly email templates for your email campaigns.

Examples of email service providers that provide responsive email templates include:


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