Kid launches niche newsletter to $48k/year...

Updated: March 17th, 2022

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Father & son make $840k/year bagging protein powder

First story this week: Marc, a father & full-time doctor, wanted his son to become a better athlete...

So, in his kitchen, he experimented with protein powder formulas until they found one that worked - then they took that formula, built a brand around it, and turned it into a $70k/month business.

My take: They built a strong brand, have great packaging & design, and have a great "story" around their brand. Worth a read if you're building a brand, too.

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$48k/year ultra-niche newsletter [just started]

Casey makes $4k/month with his newsletter for "sneaker flippers" - it notifies readers when retailers have new "drops".

And he only started 6 months ago! This one is worth a read if you want to learn more about how to monetize a newsletter or email audience.

My take: Casey was able to monetize quickly because he is helping other people make money! (flipping sneakers). People will pay for your product if the cost justifies the benefit in raw dollars. Reminds me of another profitable newsletter we interviewed.

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200+ ways to get more customers

We've interviewed thousands of founders, and in every interview, we ask them: Specifically, how did you grow your business?

We took the data from every interview and built out our Growth Database - 200+ unique ways to get more customers and get the word out on your brand.

Just some examples:

  • Going viral on Quora
  • Using Twitter advanced search to find customers
  • Optimizing your site for Voice Search
  • and 197+ more

We break down each method, show you real-world examples, and tell you how to get started.

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$25k/month with open-source software

We just interviewed John Leider, who started Vuetify, an open-source user interface library.

John tells us how he generates $25k/month through a combination of digital products and through Patreon and Github supporters.

My take: It is amazing what people can build in the open-source development ecosystem. John is cultivating a community that organically spreads the word about his product.

If you're interested in some other open-source success stories: $30k/month open source CRM or TailwindCSS's multi-million dollar open source project.

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$102k/year solo blogger

Ricardo started six-figure blog The Modest Wallet as a solo founder and has no employees.

And he only started two years ago. All of his revenue comes from affiliate commissions.

My take: I'm biased, but blogging is the fastest way to make money online, and it's a great "first" business to start. It's low risk, low cost, and it's relatively straightforward on how to get financial freedom with your own blog. See 40 more bloggers making up to $2M/year.

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