100+ Best Email Subject Lines For Job Inquiries & Outreach [2024]

Updated: October 19th, 2022

100+ Best Email Subject Lines For Job Inquiries & Outreach [2024]

Do you want to work in a particular company, but they don't have any posted or advertised job openings? To get your dream job, you have to take the initiative to ask for their job openings, which you can do by crafting a great email with a compelling subject line.

Employers receive a bulk of emails every day, and some emails may either get stuck in a spam folder or will get deleted without opening them.

A catchy email subject line will make you stand out and increase your chances of moving to the next round in your job search.

Powerful Email Subject Lines For Job Outreach

  1. Referred by (name) for a Junior Marketing Position
  2. Looking for an excellent Graphic Designer?
  3. Hi (recruiter), (name) recommended I should reach out.
  4. Senior Graphic Designer, JO No: 1234, Applicant (your name)
  5. Job Inquiry: (your name) - (the position you're applying for)
  6. (current position) interested in working with (recruiter's company)
  7. (current position) , ( full name) : (opening position) inquiry
  8. (full name) (current position + years of experience) is looking for the next role
  9. (full name): Quick questions about (opening position)
  10. Job Application Inquiry: (full name) for the position (the position you're applying for)
  11. I wanted to reach out because I'd love to chat with you about the role of (position) we talked about on Linkedin.
  12. (opening position) Application Inquiry
  13. (full name) applicant: getting in touch about (opening position)
  14. (name) - (expertise): looking for an open position
  15. Applicant (full name) for fit positions
  16. Job Applicant for (branch location): (full name)
  17. Applicant (name) for possible openings
  18. (name): checking for open positions
  19. Job Seeker (full name) - (expertise)
  20. HR Specialist with 10 years of experience - (full name)
  21. (full name): Writing to inquire about a job opening
  22. Applicant (name): Job Posting (no) Inquiry
  23. Application Inquiry for (position)
  24. (name) (experience) - available at your service
  25. Office Manager Inquiry - Applicant (name) with (years of experience) in Office Management
  26. Checking if you received my email - HR Specialist Inquiry: Applicant (full name)
  27. UX| UI Job Inquiry: Applicant (full name)
  28. Operations Assistant Application - referred by (name)
  29. Inquiry for the Marketing Coordinator position - referred by ( name )
  30. Job Inquiry - Referred by (name) - (your name), IT Specialist
  31. (full name) - Experienced Web Developer looking for a remote role. Where can we talk?
  32. Award-winning IT professional, (full name) Job Inquiry
  33. Candidate (full name) - Passionate, Extraordinary Superwoman
  34. (full name), ( expertise) - Seeking jobs in Digital Marketing or Product Research
  35. (name), an award-winning Project Manager seeking to boost his/her career

Witty Email Subject Lines For Job Inquiries

  1. (full name): looking for new opportunities and challenges
  2. I'd love to learn more about the opportunity
  3. I know you're busy but I saw your posting on Linkedin and felt compelled to reach out.
  4. Quick question regarding your job announcement...
  5. Hi, I would like to work here, who do I contact?
  6. Current (current position + company name) ( your full name) has a question for you
  7. I have a resume you should check out...
  8. Are you considering a summer internship?
  9. Let's set up a call to talk about the Manager of Sales position
  10. I'm interested in you and your company, help?
  11. Head Hunter seeking an entry-level Accountant in (city)
  12. Are you missing a star employee?
  13. (full name) looking for job opportunities. Please keep in mind
  14. (name) - (expertise): the best addition to your team
  15. Great to meet you at the career fair yesterday!
  16. An asset to your company
  17. (name) - (expertise): If you're hiring, I'm interested
  18. (full name) - best fit for the Web Designer position
  19. Reasons why I'm the best fit for the (position)
  20. Are you hiring? (full name) will be in your office by next Monday
  21. I'd love a job at your company. Are any positions open right now?
  22. Don't miss the opportunity to hire me. Attached are my resume and certificates
  23. Hiring (full name) is your best decision
  24. Your next employee superstar is here.
  25. You should put (full name) in your team
  26. Marketing Manager Expert in need of a job on an urgent basis
  27. Executive Director with 12 years of experience, seeking a new opportunities in New York City
  28. Got room for one more? I'm (name), (expertise), (years of experience)
  29. (full name) - Software Engineer expert - wants to be Mobile Planet's next hire!
  30. A passionate Frontend Developer wanting to bring his/her expertise to your company
  31. Job Inquiry from an Expert Developer
  32. Top Sales Agent in town, looking to fill a position at XYZ Company
  33. Best Applicant for (job opening): (your full name)
  34. Top Candidate eligible for Senior Financial Analyst
  35. Candidate (your name) from your direct competitor - Job Inquiry

General Email Subject Lines for Job Inquiries

  1. I would love to have a brief call to chat about your open site engineer
  2. I'm a software engineer looking for a job.
  3. Hi! I'm interested in a product management job
  4. Good morning, I'm interested in your [position] job posting
  5. I'd like to learn more about (opening position) position
  6. I Am Interested In Your Job Opening
  7. I have a few questions about the (opening position) job description
  8. Hi! I've Been Seeking Opportunities With Your Company.
  9. I Hear You're Hiring for Your Sales Team #1
  10. I'm interested in the (position) at (company). Can I shoot my inquiries
  11. User here and interested in applying for a user research position at (company)
  12. An inquiry about the job opening posted on LinkedIn
  13. Interested in your job opening and would love to come in for an interview.
  14. An inquiry about the Business Analyst opening position
  15. I saw you are hiring on LinkedIn and I wanted to know more!
  16. I'd like to know more about the job posting in your company
  17. Looking for a new team member? I'm interested to know about the open positions.
  18. Looking for an Operations Manager position in Los Angeles, CA
  19. I read from your FB page that you're looking for a (job title). (full name) Inquiry for the position
  20. Good morning, I'm interested in your Environmental Engineering position.
  21. Do you have any office space available? I would love to be in your office by the end of the week.
  22. How can I contribute to your company?
  23. Hi! I'd like to inquire about a job as a software engineer
  24. Any IT opening position at XYZ Company?
  25. I'm (name) from (current company) inquiring about your job openings
  26. I'm an editor, and I'm interested in seeing your current openings.
  27. I'm a Software Engineer, looking for a coding job. Do you have any open opportunities?
  28. I'm looking for a job as an Administrative Assistant. Do you have any hiring needs at the moment?
  29. Quick question! Are you hiring?
  30. I'm interested in a career with your company!
  31. Looking for a job where I can contribute and shares my passion for DSP algorithm development.
  32. I’d love an opportunity to join your team.
  33. I'm a senior software engineer interested to work at XYZ Company
  34. I'm (name): wanting to be considered for the open accounting position at XYZ Company
  35. Applicant from ZipRecruiter job post - reaching out for a few questions

Job Inquiries Email Template Examples

Here are a few great examples of job inquiries email templates you can use.

Job Interest Email Sample

title=Sarah Green – Product Marketing Manager, N7-75231 Dear [[ HIRING MANAGER NAME ]],

My name is Sarah Green, and I am applying for the Head of Marketing position (Job Reference ID N7-75231) at [[ COMPANY NAME ]].

[[ COMPANY NAME ]] is renowned for producing world-class software for marketing professionals. I have 10+ years of experience in product marketing, having been at the forefront of many successful product launches.

I have attached my resume and cover letter to this email. Please take a moment to review these to get a better idea of who I am and my experience.

I would very much like to talk to you in more detail regarding this amazing opportunity at your company. Should you require anything other information, please do let me know.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards,

Sarah Green



Sending A Job Inquiry Email To An External Recruiter

title=Marketing manager interested in XYZ roles Hi [[ Name ]],

I was referred to you by [[ contact’s name ]], who you helped place with ABC Corp last year. [[ If you found them another way, like through an event or LinkedIn, mention that instead ]]. I’m a Marketing Manager based in the [[ location ]] area looking for [[ briefly describe what you’re looking for + include 1-2 sentences about your key skills and experience ]].

I notice you’ve worked with a lot of companies I admire. I thought you’d be a great person to reach out to in case you think my profile might be a good fit for current or future roles you seek to fill. I’ve attached my resume and a link to my LinkedIn profile so you can see a bit more about my skills and background.

I look forward to hearing from you!


[[ Your Name ]]


Job Inquiry Email Sample #01

title=Letter of Introduction and Job Inquiry – [[ Your Name ]] Dear [[ Contact Name ]],

Thank you for taking the time to consider my job inquiry. I have been following your company for several years now, and have been impressed with its growth and innovative success.

I’ve been employed in the [[ company’s industry ]] industry for [[ number of years ]] years now, and am currently interested in applying my skills and experience in new and creative ways. I believe that my unique skill set can be of real value to [[ company name ]], and help to fuel its continued success for years to come.

I have been employed as a [[ job title or titles ]] for more than [[ number of years ]] years. Over the course of my career, I have consistently strived to advance company goals, increase productivity, and enhance the work environment. In my current job, I have successfully overseen [[ list one or two specific accomplishments that have improved the company ]]. I am hopeful that I can bring those types of benefits to your firm as well.

It would be my great honor to meet with you to discuss potential job openings and career opportunities at [[ company name ]] and how my skills might benefit the firm. I am prepared to provide any other details you might need in anticipation of such a visit.

I eagerly look forward to your response.


[[ Signature Name ]]


Job Inquiry Email Sample #02

title=Introduction — [[ Applicant Name ]] Dear [[ Recruiter's Name ]],

For the past ten years, I have followed your career through news events, interviews, and web research.

Your dedication to the media and your understanding of the important role journalists play in today's fast-paced information highway, coupled with your belief in the power of the press, is exemplary.

I have had the privilege of honing my journalistic abilities in three widely different publications. When I left college, I immediately went to work for the typical small-town newspaper and learned all aspects of getting the paper to the people promptly. I then moved to become Regional Manager for a media corporation composed of small- to mid-sized newspapers in the Midwest. In my current position, I am Chief Correspondent for one of the largest newspapers in the Southwest.

I would like an opportunity to visit with you to get your insight and suggestions on where my skills and abilities would be of the greatest value to the ABD Company and to inquire about possible job openings with the company.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.

[[ Applicant Name ]]

[[ Contact Number and Email ]]


Sample Inquiry Email for Employment

title=Inquiry about Management Trainee Position Dear [[ Name ]]:

I read about ABC Company’s Management Trainee program in College Graduate Magazine and would like to be considered for any upcoming openings. I am interested in perusing a long-term career in the management field and am planning to move to the Houston area soon. It will be a great pleasure to learn more about ABC Company’s mission and the potential job opportunities.

As indicated in the attached resume, I have recently completed my Master of Science Degree in Management with a focus on Personnel Administration. Additionally, I also have hands-on experience as a Management Associate and Key Holder. I have gained valuable skills through two summer internships focusing on retail management.

My resume details further information regarding my education, experience, and leadership capabilities. I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss your management trainee program and my qualifications in detail.

To follow up on my job inquiry, I will call your secretary after two weeks. If you need further information about my qualifications, I can be reached at (000) 202-2522.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


[[ Your Name ]]

Attachments: Resume and Final Transcript


GUIDE: How To Write A Great Subject Line

As we mentioned above, crafting a catchy subject line is critical to the performance of your email campaign.

While just a few words may seem like a small piece of your overall message, this is the first impression your audience will have before they decide whether to open your email.

If your subject line isn't engaging or appealing enough, there's a chance it could get buried in your reader's inbox.

Let's go over the proven tips on how to craft a subject line that boosts engagement:

What makes a great subject line?

First, let's discuss the fundamentals of creating a great subject line:

  • Spark interest and curiosity
  • A clear and urgent call to action
  • An offer/intriguing discount
  • Personalization (this can be done by sending out different versions of emails to subscribers based on their preferences)
  • Relevance - make sure your subject line covers the current trends and topics within your industry

5 Tips To Crafting a Great Subject Line

Now, let's dive into the specifics of how to create a great subject line for your next campaign:

1. Use a familiar sender name

Although this may seem obvious, it's a piece many marketers miss the ball on.

Your readers want to feel like your email is coming from a human and not a corporation or automated system.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by changing the sender's name to YOUR name or someone in the company that is well known.

Here's a great example of this from Marketing Examples


Pro Tip

Avoid the "no-reply" sender name at all costs. This makes your email feel unfamiliar, unapproachable, and less personable.

2. Keep your subject short and to the point

If your subject line is too long, it will get cut off, which could impact your reader's chances of opening your email.

The rule of thumb (for both mobile and desktop) is to keep your subject line under 50 characters.

3. Add personal touches to your subject line

If you have access to information about your subscriber (ie. name, location, etc), you can use this to benefit your subject line and catch your readers attention.

It's important not to go overboard here, but adding even the simplest touch such as their name can build trust and rapport.

Here's a great example of a personalized email + offer I received from BarkBox with my dog's name in the subject line:


4. Avoid making any false promises

Your subject line makes a commitment to your reader, so it's important you don't stretch the truth just to simply get more opens and clicks.

In the grand scheme of things, making false promises will end up hurting your open rate as your readers will lose trust in you.

5. Give them a sneak peek of what's inside

Telling your subscriber what is inside helps with open and clicks.

For example, if you're providing your reader with a free guide or e-book, consider making your subject line something along the lines of:

"Your FREE marketing e-book awaits!"


If you want your email campaign to perform well, it all starts with your subject line.

Think about the emails you receive in your inbox and what makes you click vs what gets buried - odds are, the same habits go for your customer.

We hope you enjoyed our guide + list of 100+ best email subject lines for job inquiries & outreach [2024].

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