6 Watch Maker Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Become A Watch Maker

Step into a world where time is literally in your hands. Embrace the intricate art of watchmaking, crafting timepieces that combine intricate mechanics with timeless aesthetics. This unique business opportunity calls to those with a love of design, precision, and the ability to create enduring pieces of functional art.

The world of horology - the study of time and the art of watch making - is rooted deeply in history, tradition and an appreciation for craftsmanship. As a watchmaker, you would be entering a specialized industry where your creations can command significant prices, depending on your skill and creativity.

Beginning your journey into watchmaking does demand an investment of time and resources into learning this skilled craft. Watchmaking schools or courses can provide you with the technical knowledge required, and joining a watchmaking network or association could offer invaluable guidance and support.

Finding a niche for your work can add an extra edge to your endeavour. It could be creating eco-friendly watches, watches with innovative designs or reinvigorating cherished antique timepieces.

Lastly, this venture can be both fulfilling and profitable for those with a keen eye for detail, patience, and a deep appreciation for the blending of engineering and art. Align the gears of your ambition, and let the hands of time lead you to success in the watchmaking industry.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a watch maker:

1. Bruder Watches ($18K/year)

Marcus, the youngest of three brothers, came up with the idea for Bruder Watches while enjoying a meal and drinks with his siblings. They realized their shared passion for watches and decided to launch a business offering high-quality, affordable timepieces. Despite facing logistical challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have seen a fantastic appetite for their watches and are on track to break even by August, with a target audience of modern-day gentlemen aged 18-50.

How much they make: $18K/year
How much did it cost to start: $12K
Current team size: 1


How These Three Brothers Started A $1.5K/Month Watch Brand

Three brothers from Bristol launched Bruder Watches Ltd, a watch brand with hypoallergenic qualities, and saw a "steady increase in sales" with a £44 average advertising cost per sale, on a self-funded start-up budget of £12,000 and a target audience of modern-day gentlemen aged 18-50.

Marcus started Bruder Watches over 3 years ago
Marcus grew the business to $1.5K/month
It cost Marcus $12000 to start the business
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