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5 Url Shortener Service Success Stories [2023]

5 Url Shortener Service Success Stories [2023]
Start An Url Shortener Service

Designing an URL shortener tool can be a lucrative business opportunity. To create a URL shortener, you must understand JavaScript and other programming languages.

A URL shortener creates money by charging people for access to aggregate data created as a result of many people using the tools and advertising fees.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a url shortener service:

1. Sniply ($420K/year)

Matt Bentley (from San Francisco, CA, USA) started Sniply over 9 years ago.

$35K / month
3 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

My name is Matt Bentley. I’m the Marketing Lead at Sniply, a custom URL shortener that adds a custom CTA button to any page you share on social media. Sniply is a B2B product and our customers are usually startup founders, brand managers, and social media managers.

We have 550 paying customers, including large marketing companies, and have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Moz. Our annual revenue is about $420k.


2. T.LY ($31.2K/year)

Tim Leland (from ) started T.LY almost 4 years ago.

$2.6K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

Hi, my name is Tim Leland, and I am the creator of a simple URL shortener and link management tool, T.LY.

Currently, T.LY has over 8 million short URLs and has tracked over 80 million clicks. The Link Shortener extension has over 350,000 active users. T.LY is an affordable alternative that has thousands of users and is currently making over $2,600 a month.


Learn more about starting an url shortener service:

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Need inspiration?

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Other resources

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4. T.LY ($60K/year)

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/NathanLatkawatchT.LY CEO Tim Leland: Link management service URL Shortener... Visit them: www.t.lySee more of Tim's data...

Tim Leland (from ) started T.LY over 3 years ago.

$5K / month
1 founders / employees

Case Study

Tim Leland started a link management and URL shortener tool called T.LY in 2020.

The founder comes from a software engineer background and has deep knowledge of programming & software development.

He wanted to create software to simplify the process of creating short links with just one click. As a result, he developed the URL Shortener browser extension, which streamlines the process of designing, sharing, and tracking short URLs.

The concept for the URL shortener extension emerged as Google was deactivating its own. T.LY currently tracks more than 100 million clicks from more than 10 million short URLs.


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