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Standing Desk Company Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

Revolutionize the way people work with a standing desk company. With increasing awareness of the health benefits of standing desks, this business taps into a growing market demand.

Starting a standing desk company is straightforward: design an ergonomic, adjustable desk, find manufacturers, and establish an online store. The appeal lies in addressing the back pain and posture issues that plague traditional desk users, making it a product that's both functional and beneficial.

This business idea is not just an opportunity to sell a product but to promote a healthier lifestyle. It requires initial investment in design, manufacturing, and marketing, but the potential for a strong customer base is high. A standing desk company is an inviting venture for those intent on blending innovation with health-conscious work environments.

In this list, you'll find real-world standing desk company success stories and very profitable examples of starting a standing desk company that makes money.

1. Deskmate ($360K/year)

Ashley 'JP' Lockwood, the co-founder of Deskmate, came up with the idea for the business after working at a coworking space and realizing the lack of affordable standing desks in the UK market. Through research and recognizing the gap in the market, he and his business partner launched Deskmate as a side hustle, and they have since sold over 5,000 units to nearly 100 countries. With a background in e-commerce, Lockwood was able to quickly design and prototype their first product, and they launched the business within 3 weeks with a pop-up at WeWork. Since then, they have utilized various sales channels, including direct-to-consumer, B2B, and wholesale, along with partnerships with companies like Virgin and WeWork to attract and retain customers. The business is focused on continuing to grow and aims to sell over 1 million units in 2020.

How much money it makes: $360K/year
How many people on the team: 2


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Deskmate is the cheapest standing desk startup in the world, having sold over 5,000 units to just under 100 countries with no initial business plan, cash or strategy.

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