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5 Staffing Agency Success Stories [2023]

5 Staffing Agency Success Stories [2023]
Start A Staffing Agency

A staffing agency acts as the intermediary between employees and employers. The staffing agencies help match qualified employees with the right employers. With many growing businesses still cautious about increasing in-house talent, starting a staffing agency could be a profitable business opportunity.

The employer contacts a staffing agency and provides a detailed job description for the role they plan to fill. The staffing agency then creates the job on their website, or they might reach the qualified staff in their database, asking them to apply for the role. Candidates apply for the position, and the staffing agency schedules interviews to vet the potential candidates. The employer will make the final hiring decision.

Staffing agencies make money by charging job candidates or employers a markup fee.

To start a staffing agency, choose the right niche, know your startup costs, and get legally covered. Ensure you have all licenses and the permits and take out insurance.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a staffing agency:

1. CEI Staffing ($2.04M/year)

Eddie Edwards Jr (from Sunrise, Florida, USA) started CEI Staffing over 18 years ago.

$170K / month
1 founders / 68 employees
Sunrise, Florida, USA

Case Study

I am Eddie Edwards Jr., Owner, Founder, and CEO of COCHHBHA ENTERPRISES INC also known as CEI Staffing of Sunrise Florida. CEI is a temporary Staffing Agency that provides employment solutions for local Government as well as the Private Sector.

CEI Staffing opened its doors in 2004. Initially opening as a home-based business with a revenue of approximately twenty thousand dollars its first year and developing into a small business with revenue upwards of 2 million in the last fiscal year.


2. Boldly ($3.84M/year)

Sandra Lewis (from New York, New York, USA) started Boldly over 11 years ago.

$320K / month
1 founders / 120 employees
New York, New York, USA

Case Study

We’re growing quickly and have more than 100 employees working across two continents, hundreds of high-profile clients, and a great internal infrastructure that is helping us facilitate that fast rate of growth.


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4. BELAY ($0/year)

In 2010, Bryan and Shannon Miles were the only employees. Today, BELAY boosts a corporate team of 60+ and a U.S. contractor base of over 700 people serving clients all over the US. A 100% virtual company, they’ve made the Inc 5000 list 4 times and made the #1 spot for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Company Culture. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. It’s a huge thing to delegate the results to your people, not just the task. It communicates all sort of good things to their hearts. 2. When you find somebody who loves to do what you hate, it is such a gift, and you’ll see things accelerate in the business very quickly when you turn this over. 3. The day that the business doesn’t need you anymore is the day that you own the business. Until then, you run the business. Boomerang helps you manage your inbox - Sponsors: : Learn how to grow better by connecting your people, your customers, and your business at ! : Scale your marketing and grow your business with LinkedIn Advertising! And right, LinkedIn is offering a $100 credit on your next campaign. Visit to claim your credit!

Tricia Sciortino (from Atlanta, GA, USA) started BELAY ago.

2 founders / 847 employees

Case Study

BELAY is a 100% remote leading virtual staffing solutions firm created by an Atlanta-based couple, Bryan and Shannon, in 2010.

The company provides clients remote assistants and online accounting services to meet their high-demand corporate employment.

Bryan & Shannon were the only employees working for BELAY when the business started. After nine years into the business, they grew the firm to a 60+ corporate team and had over 700 people catering to clients from all over the US.

Bryan is in charge of sales, while Shannon is in order of operations. However, they collaborate on top-level decisions during weekly owner meetings.


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