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Updated: September 15th, 2022
Start A Sports Copywriting Business

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A sports copywriting business involves creating written content related to sports, such as articles, blog posts, advertisements, and social media posts, for sports teams, athletes, or sports-related companies.

To start a copywriting business with $50K or less, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, and basic software for writing and communication.

Begin by building a portfolio of sample sports-related content to showcase your writing skills. Next, reach out to potential clients, such as local sports teams, sports blogs, or sports apparel companies, and offer your services.

As you gain clients and build a reputation, you can reinvest profits to expand your business further.

Starting a sports copywriting business requires a great deal of effort, dedication, and most importantly passion.

If you're interested in how to sell sports copywriting services, or selling sports copywriting services online, you can use this page as a guide for everything you'll need to know.

Key Stats

market size
revenue (monthly)
starting costs
gross margin
time to build
210 days
Organic social media
time investment
Full time

Startup Costs

Min Startup Costs Max Startup Costs

Office Space Expenses



Employee & Freelancer Expenses



Website Costs



Business Formation Fees



Software Expenses



Advertising & Marketing Costs



Total Startup Costs



Successful Businesses

Business URL Rank

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Courses, Degrees & Subjects


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Pros & Cons

Pros Description


You can put as much time into the business as you'd like. If you like the work and have some initial experience, you can start small and manage all aspects of the business on your own.

Ability to start your business from home

It's not necessary to have a physical storefront or office space to get your business started. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home, at least in the beginning!

Little startup costs required

The cost to start a sports copywriting business costs significantly less money than most businesses, ranging anywhere from 62 to 23,259.

Rewarding work

Starting a sports copywriting business can be really rewarding work. After all, you are solving an immediate issue for your customer and you're working on something you truly care about.


With businesses and processes changing daily, there will always be demand for new features, products and services for your business. Additionally, there are several different business models and pricing tiers you can implement that will allow you to reach all types of customers.

No overhead costs

To get your sports copywriting business started, there are no costs associated with overhead, storage, packaging, etc. This will save you a lot of time and money!

Cons Description

Crowded Space

Competition is high when it comes to your sports copywriting business, so it's important that you spend a good amount of time analyzing the market and understanding where the demand lies.

Longer Sales Process

A sports copywriting business can be a big time and money investment for your customer, so it's important you plan and predict a longer conversion funnel and stay in communication with potential customers.

Work can be inconsistent

As a sports copywriting business, the amount of work assigned to you and schedule tends to be more inconsistent, which may make your income less stable. It's important to set boundaries and budget accordingly based on the amount of work you plan to have.

Lack of benefits

With a sports copywriting business, you are typically self-employed and responsible for finding your own insurance, which can be quite costly and time-consuming.


Often times, as a sports copywriting business, you typically work alone and do not have much face-to-face interaction with other team members.


As a sports copywriting business, you typically pay self-employment taxes which can be quite high. It's important to understand what you will be paying in taxes each year so you can determine if the work you're taking on is worth it.