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4 Software Integration Plugin Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

Tired of juggling disparate software to run your business smoothly? A software integration plugin might just be the solution you need. This business idea focuses on creating a plugin that seamlessly connects different software applications, allowing data to flow smoothly between them without manual intervention.

Setting up a software integration plugin involves understanding various APIs, designing a user-friendly interface, and testing extensively to ensure compatibility. The real challenge lies in customization to meet specific client needs, providing updates, and offering technical support.

What makes this idea compelling is the growing complexity of tech stacks within businesses. Companies are on the lookout for efficient ways to integrate their tools and improve productivity. By developing a versatile and reliable software integration plugin, you position yourself to solve a critical pain point, making your service indispensable for businesses striving for operational efficiency.

In this list, you'll find real-world software integration plugin success stories and very profitable examples of starting a software integration plugin that makes money.

1. Barn2 Plugins ($1.44M/year)

Katie and her husband Andy founded Barn2 Plugins in 2009 as a web design shop. They saw the opportunity to transition into a product business and identified gaps in the market by leveraging their insider knowledge of the industry and researching pain points online. They started with their first product, WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, and focused on low-cost, low-risk solutions that could be quickly developed and launched. Through content marketing and targeted advertising, they have been able to attract and retain customers, generating over $100,000 in monthly revenue with their 16 products.

How much money it makes: $1.44M/year
How much did it cost to start: $0
How many people on the team: 14

We Now Sell Over $1.2M/Year Of Plugins

Barn2 Plugins, founded in 2009 by a husband-and-wife duo, sells innovative software products generating over $100,000 in monthly revenue aimed at website owners on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, with their first product, WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, launched to market after identifying a gap in the industry.

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2. Gorilla ROI ($500K/year)

Jae and his wife started an Amazon business, but they soon faced the challenge of losing money due to their reactive approach towards issues. They found themselves running out of stock because of poor inventory forecasting decisions, incorrect product mixes, and overpaying fees. Additionally, a lot of their data analytics was manual, resulting in a waste of 1-2 hours just to collect data.

To tackle this problem, they created Gorilla ROI, which automates data collection into Google Sheets. Their mission was to simplify the process of getting disorganized data into spreadsheets in a clean and organized way.

How much money it makes: $500K/year
How many people on the team: 2


How I Launched A $12K/Month Amazon Seller Central And Google Sheets Integration

Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets add-on that connects Amazon Seller Central to Google Sheets, now bringing in $12,000/month through organic inbound marketing, and focusing on scalability before any heavy push towards outbound marketing.

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3. Data Fetcher ($276K/year)

In 2020, Andy learned about a Google Sheets add-on called API Connector, which imports your data into a simple Google sheet.

Around the same time, Andy noticed the rise in popularity of Airtable.

Since Google Sheets and Airtable were close in compatibility, Andy decided to build a similar type of data integration tool for Airtable.

Andy’s 3-step method for coming up with ideas is helpful context for understanding how he came up with the idea: - Find a platform that is already growing massively. - Look at already successful tools for more mature platforms. - Build an equivalent tool for the new platform.

How much money it makes: $276K/year
How much did it cost to start: $100
How many people on the team: 0


How I Built An Airtable Plugin That Lets Users Manage Their Data Better [$80K/Year]

Data Fetcher is a no-code tool that imports data into Airtable which has reached 190 paying customers in just over a year after launch and is making $6500 in MRR, with a goal of reaching $30k+ in MRR, for aspiring founders looking to bootstrap an app to life-changing revenue as a solo founder.

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4. PriceWell ($60K/year)

Spiro (Ros) Kontoprias, co-founder of PriceWell, came up with the idea for the business after experiencing the tedious and time-consuming process of integrating a billing system for a project. He realized there was a need to simplify billing for subscription businesses, especially for non-technical individuals, and teamed up with co-founder Matthew Reid who had significant payment experience. After receiving validation from their first paying customer, they developed a working MVP and launched the business.

How much money it makes: $60K/year
How much did it cost to start: $100
How many people on the team: 1


These Co-founders Who Never Met In Person Built A $5K/Month Billing SaaS

PriceWell simplifies billing for subscription businesses with a personal billing team service, generating $5k in MRR with 120 active customers and almost 2,000 sign-ups, through social media, cold emails, paid start-up newsletters, and programmatic SEO.

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