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7 Soap Making Business Success Stories [2023]

7 Soap Making Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Soap Making Business

Are you looking for an easy business you can start from home? Soap making is a relatively easy cottage business you can start today.

Soap is one of the products you will find in every household. Therefore, soap is a product that will remain in demand, making soap making business a lucrative idea.

To start a soap-making business from home, research the competition and choose the niche your business will focus on. You can make scented soaps mixed with essential oils or non-scented soaps for washing utensils.

Choose a business name and create a business plan indicating your entity type, mission statement, and soap marketing strategy.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a soap making business:

1. Kiss My Crown Essentials ($14.4K/year)

Warnisha Foster (from Ocala, Florida, USA) started Kiss My Crown Essentials about 3 years ago.

$1.2K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Ocala, Florida, USA

Case Study

My name Warnisha Foster I am the CEO of Kiss My Crown Essentials. I founded Kiss My Crown Essentials in March of 2020 and I started offering my products a few at a time to see how they would go over with the public. My first product was Strawberry Rose’ Champagne Soap. The idea for this soap came from looking at my life as a single mom of four I started to feel burned out. I needed something to make me feel feminine, Make me feel like a woman, Grown and sexy. This did the trick.

Our mission here a KMCE is to let mothers like myself know that we are seen, we are beautiful and we are a necessity.


2. Little Soap Company ($7.2M/year)

Founded by Emma Heathcote-James in 2008, Little Soap Company really is a kitchen table to supermarket shelf story.

Emma Heathcote-James (from Broadway, UK) started Little Soap Company over 15 years ago.

$600K / month
1 founders / 11 employees

Case Study
  • As a youngster, Emma grew up using soap her Granny collected on her travels. Pure, natural soap, free from any chemicals was the norm for the family.
  • Emma began making handmade soaps from her kitchen table.
  • She makes her products organic to hit the supermarket shelves.
  • Emma has four collections sold in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Booths, Boots, Ocado, Amazon. She also sells her products wholesale into other stores.
  • Her full name Emma Heathcote-James as on LinkedIn profile, with the number of 5.9k followers there.


Read the full story on thebusinessbarn.co.uk ➜

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Need inspiration?

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Other resources

4. River County Soapworks ($36K/year)

River County Soapworks owner Robin Hertz is a master of handmade soap wholesale, custom manufacture, and private label sales.

Robin Hertz (from Yacolt, WA, USA) started River County Soapworks over 22 years ago.

$3K / month
1 founders / 0 employees

Case Study
  • Founded in the spring of 2001, River County Soapworks grew out of a love of art, a passion to create, and a desire to help others step back and celebrate the simple pleasures in life.
  • All their handmade soap bars are artfully designed and beautifully scented.
  • They use all natural ingredientsherbs, and minerals in their sopas. The finest food-grade oils such as Olive, Sweet Almond, Coconut, and Palm are used to make the soaps.
  • Their products are eco-friendly and they also have a vegan soap range available for their valued customers.


Read the full story on modernsoapmaking.com ➜

5. Taproot Organics ($48K/year)

Taproot Organics owners Zaida and Daniel Grunes combined their restaurant background and their branding skills to create the ultimate soap maker brand.

Zaida and Daniel (from Jersey City, NJ, USA) started Taproot Organics over 9 years ago.

$4K / month
2 founders / 4 employees

Case Study
  • 4 years ago, Zaida was diagnosed with vitiligo and her skin started turning white. That is when Daniel made soap for her - which resulted in a business idea.
  • They used Twitter and Facebook as their main marketing channels to advertise and sell their products.
  • Currently, they have two operating stores in two different cities and a 24/7 running website.


Read the full story on modernsoapmaking.com ➜

6. Suchi's Handcrafted Skincare Products ($12K/year)

Suchita Ullas, an erstwhile PR professional based in Bengaluru, took to soap making after her retirement and now runs a successful venture.

Suchita (from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India) started Suchi's Handcrafted Skincare Products over 7 years ago.

$1K / month
2 founders / 2 employees

Case Study
  • Suchita and Pradeep are an entrepreneurial duo who make, market, and sell natural handmade soaps, creams, and shampoo bars under the brand name – ‘Suchi’s Handmade Skincare Products’.
  • Suchita attended a soapmaking workshop and enjoyed the process so much to went on to spend the next year doing online research.
  • She researched and experimented with soapmaking for one year and finally in 2016 launched her business by booking a stall in a flea market in Bangalore.
  • Cureently she sells arond 500 soap bars per month and uses primarily Facebook and Instagram marketplaces to reach her customers.


Read the full story on thebetterindia.com ➜

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