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5 Shipping Company Success Stories [2023]

5 Shipping Company Success Stories [2023]
Start A Shipping Company

A shipping company can be a great business to start. You can get the support and training that you need to run a successful small business. You may already have some of the resources at hand. This could include what you need to transport goods and a vehicle or two that you can use to get these materials from point X to point Y.

Shipping is a crowded industry. Starting your own shipping company isn't as hard as it used to be. With the explosion in eCommerce, there's an increasing demand for small package shipping. Becoming a shipping company entrepreneur has its rewards. Shipping is an area where there's a lot of potentials to earn bounties, it serves as a good source of income.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a shipping company:

1. Car Shipping Calculator ($240K/year)

Dvir Edri (from Denver, CO, USA) started Car Shipping Calculator over 12 years ago.

$20K / month
1 founders / 7 employees

Case Study

Hi! I’m Dvir and I run Nationwide Auto Transportation. NAT is an auto shipping broker, which means that we connect consumers in need of car shipping services with truckers who transport vehicles across the United States.

Since the inception of our company 12 years ago, we have served more than 50,000 customers - many multiple times. We ship approximately 4,000 vehicles per month.


2. Velocity International Group ($1.8M/year)

Ben Elizer (from Nashville, TN, USA) started Velocity International Group over 7 years ago.

$150K / month
1 founders / 17 employees

Case Study

My name is Ben Elizer, and I am the Founder and President of Velocity International Group, a full-scale logistics company, offering SameDay delivery, Expediting, Distribution, Fulfillment, andmany Warehousing Services. We offer to consult and some other services as well to help our customers succeed in an ultra-competitive environment. Velocity started with 2 vans and many faces to face conversations. We now have 10+ vehicles, including trucks, and have grown to 25k+ square feet of warehouse space as well to best serve our customers.

Over the past 2 years, our revenue has grown over 300%, which has completely contributed to the great people and culture we have at Velocity. After having to move out of my apartment (because I put everything financially I had into this company), and move back into my mom’s house in my mid 20’s, it was difficult, but just 6 months later we had our first small office and warehouse space. I’m fortunate I had a support system to move back into, or else Velocity might not be here today. The business has grown ever since because of hard work, trust, and relationships. We focus on what is important.


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4. ShipHero ($28.8M/year)

Aaron Rubin (from Garnerville, New York) started ShipHero over 10 years ago.

$2.4M / month
1 founders / 193 employees

Case Study

My name is Nicholas Daniel-Richards, and I co-founded ShipHero in 2013, along with my partner Aaron Rubin.

We also provide outsourced eCommerce fulfillment for stores that want us to handle their warehousing and shipment of orders through our in-house network of owned warehouses. In the seven years since our founding, we bootstrapped the business and grew revenues from zero to $30 million annually, with only $435,000 in outside capital investment (no VC money raised to date). We process over $5 billion of e-commerce gross merchandise volume (GMV) annually, which is more than Shopify at the time of its IPO.


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