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Business Idea: Create A Screensharing Software in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Screensharing software allows users to share their computer screens with others in real-time, enabling them to view what’s happening on the screen remotely.

To start a budget-friendly screen sharing software business, first define your target niches, such as businesses, educators, or gamers.

Next, choose a development platform like open-source options or cost-effective frameworks to build your screen sharing application.

You can either develop it yourself if you have coding skills, hire freelancers, or use no-code platforms.

Create a website and utilize social media and online forums for marketing. Offer a free version with limited features to attract users, and consider introducing paid plans with premium features.

Continuously refine your product based on user feedback and adapt your marketing strategies as needed to grow your business.

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Examples Of Successful Screensharing Softwares

Successful screensharing software businesses and case studies

CrankWheel is a screen-sharing solution for sales teams, founded by Icelandic entrepreneur Jói Sigurdsson and his co-founder Gilsi, with $370k ARR earned and a "best B2B SaaS startup" pitching win at SaaStock, utilizing "lean startup" methodology and implementing a "land and expand" strategy to attract and retain customers.

$31.2K Monthly Revenue
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