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Product Tester Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

As a product tester, you can try out new products before they hit the market and provide valuable feedback to manufacturers. This business idea is perfect for those who love trying new products and have an eye for detail.

To start your product tester business, you must establish relationships with manufacturers and companies looking for product testers. You can do this by networking, attending trade shows, or joining a product testing panel connecting you with manufacturers.

Once you have established relationships with manufacturers, you will be sent new products to test and review. It is essential to be thorough and honest in your reviews, as manufacturers will rely on your feedback to improve their products before they are released to the public.

To run a successful product tester business, it is important to be timely and efficient in your testing and review process. Manufacturers will expect prompt feedback, so it is crucial to have a system to test and review products quickly and accurately. You should also carefully read and follow any guidelines provided by the manufacturer regarding testing and reviewing their products.

Having a robust online presence as a product tester is also essential. By sharing your reviews and experiences with new products on social media and other platforms, you can build a following and establish yourself as a trusted source for product recommendations.

Starting a product tester business is an excellent opportunity for those who love trying new products and providing valuable feedback to manufacturers. You can run a successful business in this field by building relationships with manufacturers, being timely and efficient in your testing and review process, and having a solid online presence.

In this list, you'll find real-world product tester success stories and very profitable examples of starting a product tester that makes money.

1. PlaybookUX ($1.8M/year)

Lindsey Allard, the founder of PlaybookUX, came up with the idea for her business after realizing there weren't many cost-effective all-in-one research tools for startups, SMBs, and freelancers in 2018. She wanted to create a tool that would allow any freelancer with an idea to quickly get feedback from their target customers, and ended up attracting huge brand names like Google. PlaybookUX has achieved profitability within its first year and currently has 1,100 customers, with a revenue of $150k/month as of early 2022.

How much money it makes: $1.8M/year
How much did it cost to start: $100K
How many people on the team: 8


How I Bootstrapped A $1.8M/Year UX Research Software

PlaybookUX is a remote research platform that uses qualitative research to test and analyze digital assets with Fortune 500 firms and sole freelancers as customers, having achieved $1.8m in annual revenue with 1,100 customers and 100% YoY growth as a result of bootstrapping their business and keeping user feedback in focus.

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