7 Product Design Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
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Other resources

1. Design Match ($384K/year)

Danielle, the founder of Design Match, came up with the idea while working as a product designer for startups around the world. As her workload grew, she started matching clients with designers in her network, and realized this could be a great business. She launched Design Match with a website and quickly generated $20,000 in MRR within the first month, validating her idea and spurring the company's growth.

How much they make: $384K/year
How much did it cost to start: $4K
Current team size: 3


How I Generated $350K In 8 Months Matching Startups With Designers

Design Match, run by nomadic entrepreneur Danielle, has made $350k following its launch after receiving organic leads from LinkedIn and focusing on search engine optimization through evergreen articles and other tools like Jasper, SurferSEO, and SalesFlow.

Danielle started Design Match over 2 years ago
Danielle grew the business to $32K/month
It cost Danielle $4000 to start the business
Read by 5,115 founders

2. Client Portal ($48K/year)

How much they make: $48K/year
Current team size: 2


Launching to $4K in Monthly Revenue with Laura Elizabeth from Client Portal

This case study examines how Laura Elizabeth made $4k per month in her first year by creating Client Portal, a simple WordPress plugin that provides clients with access to their project's progress, which helped expand on the success of her later businesses.

They started Client Portal over 7 years ago
They grew the business to $4K/month
Read by 438 founders

5. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota is a highly ranked public research university offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. We change lives through education, research, and outreach.

Website traffic: 10.8M/month


6. SmartFurniture

Smart Furniture offers modern furniture, shelves, bookshelves, shelving, chairs, tables, and desks for the home and office including contemporary designs from Herman Miller and Steelcase. We also have the free shipping on most products, easy returns, and a fantastic sales team ready to help you.

Where they're located: Plano, Texas, USA
Website traffic: 130K/month


7. Client Portal

How much they make:
Where they're located: Leicester, England, United Kingdom
Current team size: 2