3 Secrets For Starting A Successful Language Translation Service

Want to start your own language translation service? Here are 3 tips you should know.

We've interviewed thousands of successful founders at Starter Story and asked what advice they would give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Here's the best advice we discovered for starting a language translation service:

#1: Ofer Tirosh, founder of Tomedes:

We chatted with with Ofer, founder of Tomedes ($0/month). In our interview, Ofer says:

I’ve learned a lot. I think the most important lesson has been that positive communication is critical. It’s essential to be clear and transparent at all times and in all channels.


Trust your gut. When you run your own business, the buck stops with you, so have the confidence to run with what you feel is right.


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#2: Cédric Sigoire, founder of DEMAN Übersetzungen :

We chatted with with Cédric, founder of DEMAN Übersetzungen ($365K/month). In our interview, Cédric says:

I learned the importance of having a business network. Had I known this, I would have networked with other startups or joined professional networks earlier.


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Want to start a language translation service?

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