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Business Idea: Start A Translation Service Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Transition your multilingual skills into a lucrative business by starting a translation service. In simple terms, a translation service business involves converting written text from one language to another for clients ranging from individuals to large corporations.

You would begin by offering your services on popular freelancing platforms like Upwork or Flexjobs, gradually building a portfolio and reputation. Over time, you could expand by hiring additional translators specializing in various languages, allowing you to manage more clients and projects.

Marketing through social media can significantly broaden your reach and attract more clients. Additionally, it's flexible, making it an excellent side hustle with the potential to become a full-time endeavor. If you have a knack for languages and a drive to help bridge communication gaps, this could be a rewarding and sustainable business for you.

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Examples Of Successful Translation Service Businesses

Successful translation service business businesses and case studies

DEMAN Translations grew from 6 employees and 1.5 million euros in turnover in 2015 to 17 team members and 3.5 million euros in sales in 2020 after acquiring 12 other translation agencies, with a goal to reach 6 million euros this year and 10 million euros in 2022.

$550K Monthly Revenue
$1.25M Startup Costs
Read by 8,181 founders

Vidby: A Swiss-based startup offering AI-powered translation and voiceover services for businesses, with reported accuracy levels ranging from up to 99% to 100%, currently valued at an impressive $73 million and recognized as one of the top five products in the automated video translation and dubbing market.

$83K Monthly Revenue
Read by 1,811 founders

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