5 Kitchen Supplies Store Success Stories [2023]

Updated: November 19th, 2023
Start A Kitchen Supplies Store

Here are some real life success stories of starting a kitchen supplies store:

1. Cave Tools ($4M/year)

Michael "Medium Rare" O'Donnell, the founder of Cave Tools and Grill Master University, initially started his journey as an entrepreneur after taking an unpaid internship with a serial entrepreneur in college. He saw the potential for creating his own successful business and started Cave Tools as a side project to test his own marketing skills. By leveraging his experience and expertise, O'Donnell was able to scale Cave Tools into a $2 million per year brand while also traveling to nearly 40 different countries.

How much they make: $4M/year
Current team size: 1


How We Built A $2M/Year Business Selling Barbecue Tools

Learn how Michael "Medium Rare" O'Donnell built Cave Tools into a $2 million per year brand selling high-quality barbecue tools and accessories, and expanded his business by launching Grill Master University, an online barbecue masterclass platform, all while traveling to and living in almost 40 different countries in just the last 3 years.

Michael started Cave Tools over 10 years ago
Michael grew the business to $333K/month

2. Concrete Countertop Solutions ($13.2M/year)

Ed Baldoni, the founder of Concrete Countertop Solutions, came up with the idea for his business after discovering concrete countertops at a national home show. As a developer with 40 years of experience, Baldoni saw the potential in offering a simpler way to build concrete countertops and created the Z Counterform System. With the help of instructional videos, strategic partnerships, and a focus on attracting the DIY market, the business has grown to generate over $12 million in revenue in just 10 years.

How much they make: $13.2M/year
Current team size: 10


I Make $13.2M/Year Selling Concrete Countertops For DIY'ers

Concrete Countertop Solutions, a small but dedicated team that has grown from an idea to over $12M in revenue in 10 years, has succeeded by expanding into the swimming pool industry and investing in advertising, with their instructional videos and targeted social media campaigns contributing to their accelerated growth.

Ed started Concrete Countertop Solutions over 14 years ago
Ed grew the business to $1.1M/month

So... can you actually make money with a kitchen supplies store?

Of course. There are millions to be made in this industry.

But how?

  1. Research real, profitable businesses and see exactly how much money they make.
  2. Study exactly what works, and what doesn’t.
  3. Take action, because now you have the roadmap.

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3. Magnus Home Products ($6M/year)

Howard Law, co-founder of Magnus Home Products, had over 20 years of experience in sourcing, marketing, and purchasing kitchen and bath products. Alongside his partner who had a background in IT, they started Magnus to provide unique, high-end kitchen and bath products that are not typically found in big box stores. With their expertise and a team of key players, they have been able to double their sales each year, projecting $5 million in sales this year.

How much they make: $6M/year
Current team size: 14


How We Started A $500K/Month Business Selling Kitchen And Bath Products

Magnus Home Products, an e-commerce business specializing in unique high-end kitchen and bath products, has doubled their sales each year since starting in August 2017 and is projected to reach sales of $5,000,000 this year.

Howard started Magnus Home Products over 6 years ago
Howard grew the business to $500K/month

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