5 Job Portal Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 19th, 2023
Start A Job Portal Business

Here are some real life success stories of starting a job portal business:

1. Career Sidekick ($600K/year)

Biron Clark, founder of Career Sidekick, struggled to find success with previous website ventures until he decided to focus on job search and career advice. Leveraging his expertise as a recruiter, he started a blog to answer commonly asked questions and provide unique insights. Through targeted content, SEO, and long-form evergreen posts, Career Sidekick has gained traction and attracts millions of readers per year, generating a multiple six-figure annual income.

How much they make: $600K/year
How much did it cost to start: $200
Current team size: 1


How I Started A $25K/Month Job Search Advice Website

Career Sidekick founder Biron Clark shares how he turned his job search advice website into a multiple six-figure per year business, earning approximately $25,000 per month from revenue streams predominantly based on display advertising and affiliate marketing.

Biron started Career Sidekick almost 11 years ago
Biron grew the business to $50K/month
It cost Biron $200 to start the business
Read by 10,263 founders

2. Loopcv ($180K/year)

George Avgenakis, the founder of Loopcv, came up with the idea for his business when he was struggling to find a job while pursuing his master's thesis in Belgium. He noticed a lack of tools for job seekers and decided to create a platform that would automate the job search process. His idea gained traction on Reddit and he quickly found co-founders to help bring it to life. Loopcv now offers solutions for job seekers, bootcamps, universities, career coaches, developers, recruiters, job boards, and more. The business is growing at a rate of 15% MoM and continues to improve its offerings for businesses supporting job seekers.

How much they make: $180K/year
How much did it cost to start: $200
Current team size: 2


How I Validated My Idea On Reddit And Built A $180K/Year Job Search Automation Platform

Loopcv is a job search automation platform experiencing 15% monthly growth, offering solutions for bootcamps, universities, career coaches, developers, recruitment companies, job boards, affiliates, and companies looking to perform internal restructuring.

George started Loopcv over 3 years ago
George grew the business to $15K/month
It cost George $200 to start the business
Read by 9,704 founders

So... can you actually make money with a job portal business?

Of course. There are millions to be made in this industry.

But how?

  1. Research real, profitable businesses and see exactly how much money they make.
  2. Study exactly what works, and what doesn’t.
  3. Take action, because now you have the roadmap.

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3. Aspireship ($2M/year)

How much they make: $2M/year
Current team size: 25


Raising $6m now? Software platform helps 70 SaaS companies hire sales reps

Aspireship CEO, Corey Kossack, has helped thousands of job seekers secure well-paid positions in the SaaS sales industry, with the platform being discussed in top journals like The Wall Street Business Journal and Phoenix Business Journal.

Corey started Aspireship almost 5 years ago
Corey grew the business to $167K/month
Read by 414 founders