7 Franchise Specialist Business Success Stories [2023]

7 Franchise Specialist Business Success Stories [2023]
Start A Franchise Specialist Business

Here are some real life success stories of starting a franchise specialist business:

1. Angela Cote Inc ($1.2M/year)

Angela Cote (from Victoria, BC, Canada) started Angela Cote Inc over 3 years ago.

$100K / month
1 founders / 5 employees

Case Study

Hey there! My name is Angela Coté and I am the founder and CEO of Angela Coté Inc. Also known as AC Inc. Also known as the brand that improves franchise system performance.

In just 3 short years of working with franchisors using the AC method in our advising sessions, we are on track to work with, and positively impact more than 5500 franchisors in our first 10 years in business.


2. franchisedirect.co.za ($1.2M/year)

Sean McGarry (from Dublin, Ireland) started franchisedirect.co.za about 25 years ago.

$100K / month
1 founders / 40 employees

Case Study

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been fortunate to be still in such a strong position. We have around one thousand clients spread out across our 15 multilingual sites and a combined monthly average of 675,000 visitors, 525,000 of which are unique. Our websites achieve almost two million combined page views per month. We currently have over 500,000 active subscribers in our email database, which is a 17% increase from this time last year. I think that in itself speaks volumes on just how popular we have remained despite the global crisis.


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4. Franchise India

Franchise India provides franchise opportunities, business opportunities, business ideas,best business in India and buy Franchise in India with affordable range.

  • Business rank: #21.2K

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5. Travelline Hospitality solutions

Hotel booking with TravelLine system is simple! Persistent reservation. Instant confirmation. Convenient payment methods. Warranty of reservation. Online reservation system

  • Business rank: #299K

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6. Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting

The invisible enemy is among us. Be proactive instead of reactive. Scientifically proven effective against germs, viruses, bacteria, odors, more.

  • Business rank: #303K

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