6 Drone Photography Business Success Stories [2023]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Start A Drone Photography Business

Drone video, a.k.a, aerial cinematography, is the best way to achieve affordable bird's view footage of an event or commercial.

Until recently, when organizations wanted an aerial video of their business, they had to hire a helicopter, or a photographer had to climb the highest roof to cover the business. Nowadays, drones are the best approach when it comes to aerial photography.

The technological evolution has created an opportunity for aerial cinematography. To start a drone photography business, get your drone flying license, buy a basic drone and camera, and create your aerial cinematography profile.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a drone photography business:

1. CFF Media ($120K/year)

CFF Media was founded by a group of friends who had experience in different areas of media. After college, they decided to come together and create a video production company. They started with part-time jobs and worked on building their portfolio by making videos for free. Eventually, they rebranded themselves as CFF Media and focused their efforts on attracting corporate and small business clients. Their dedication and passion for their craft, along with seeking professional help when needed, has contributed to their success in the industry.

How much they make: $120K/year
How much did it cost to start: $1.5K
Current team size: 1


How A Group Of Friends Started A $10K/Month Video Production Company

A group of friends started a video production company called CFF Media that now generates $10k per month in revenue, where they primarily make promotional and testimonial videos for other companies in Atlanta.

James started CFF Media over 7 years ago
James grew the business to $10K/month
It cost James $1500 to start the business

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Other resources

4. Droners.io

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  • Business rank: #121K

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5. Indy Aerial Drone Photography LLC

Aerial Photography and video services. Real estate, construction sites, sporting events, nature, and more. Serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

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6. Drones Made Easy

Drones Made Easy is the leading provider of aerial photography equipment and mapping software.

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