13 Trending Drive Through Coffee Shop Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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2. CupLux

A craft beverage company specializing in coffee, tea and sparkling water. Visit our drive-thru in Charlotte, NC.


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4. Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee

Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee is the most trusted and cost effective drive-thru coffee brand in America.


5. Fray's Donut House

The Original Fray's Donut House Located at 5236 16th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33703. Come by for fresh donuts and coffee.

Where they're located: Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA


6. Drip-Thru Coffee

Drip-Thru Coffee provides coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies and snacks for commuters in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Where they're located: Miami, Florida, USA


7. Underground Coffee – Taste Global, Sip Local.

Taste Global, Sip Local.

Where they're located: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


8. Dancing Mule Coffee Company


9. Coffee Drive


10. Coffee Shop Financing


11. Lucy's Cafe

An El Paso Tradition!

Where they're located: El Paso, Texas, USA


12. Camper Cafe

How much they make: $180K/year
Where they're located: Reading, UK
How much did it cost to start: $5K
Current team size: 2


We Built A Coffee Shop In A Van That Makes $180K/Year

This case study follows the co-founder of Camper Cafe, a mobile coffee van business which started as a hobby and now has 6 units that supply the UK's biggest sporting events, commercial and film shoots, generating around £150k from working only 70 days of the year.

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