Drive Through Coffee Shop Business

Business Idea: Start A Drive Through Coffee Shop Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Convenience drives the modern world, and a drive-through coffee shop targets that very essence. The business idea is straightforward: offer high-quality coffee and quick service through a drive-through format.

Unlike traditional coffee shops, customers don’t need to leave their cars, which is a major selling point for those with busy schedules. The initial setup requires investment in a strategically located kiosk and reliable coffee equipment, but the operational model is simple and efficient.

Drive-through coffee shops resonate particularly well in urban and suburban areas where people are on the go. They allow for a steady stream of customers, making it easier to forecast demand and manage inventory.

If you’re passionate about coffee and appreciate the value of speed and convenience, this model offers a balanced mix of customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Examples Of Successful Drive Through Coffee Shop Businesses

Successful drive-through coffee shop business businesses and case studies

This case study follows the co-founder of Camper Cafe, a mobile coffee van business which started as a hobby and now has 6 units that supply the UK's biggest sporting events, commercial and film shoots, generating around £150k from working only 70 days of the year.

$15K Monthly Revenue
$5K Startup Costs
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