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Denim Brand Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

Every wardrobe needs staples, and denim always earns its place. Starting a denim brand means diving into a market with a perennial demand. Your task begins with designing durable, stylish jeans that stand out. Sourcing high-quality fabric and finding reliable manufacturers are key initial steps.

Next comes defining your brand's identity—will it be eco-friendly, high-fashion, or budget-friendly? This involves deep market research and a keen eye for current trends. Building an online presence through a polished e-commerce platform and engaging social media content will be vital.

Be prepared for the complexities of inventory management, effective marketing strategies, and customer service. The hard work pays off when you see your brand gaining traction and earning loyal customers. If you're passionate about fashion and willing to tackle each challenge head-on, a denim brand could be your ideal venture.

In this list, you'll find real-world denim brand success stories and very profitable examples of starting a denim brand that makes money.

1. Crawford Denim and Vintage Co. ($24K/year)

Susie Shaughnessy, founder of Crawford Denim and Vintage Co, was inspired by her upbringing in a large family and her experience as a designer at Levi's. She wanted to bring back the artform of denim production to California and create a sustainable apparel brand. By using local manufacturers, deadstock and vintage fabrics, and collaborating with friends and small businesses, Shaughnessy has been able to grow her brand and attract a loyal customer base.

How much money it makes: $24K/year
How many people on the team: 0

Being A Maker And Launching A Premium Denim Brand

Learn how Susie Shaughnessy created Crawford Denim and Vintage Co, a small-batch denim brand that mixes vintage and modern styles and is made in California from USA goods and deadstock and how she scaled back the business last year and is focusing on incremental growth and working with boutiques and increasing unique denim styles.

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