4 Crafts Business Success Stories [2022]

4 Crafts Business Success Stories [2022]
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Here are some real life success stories of starting a crafts business:

1. DownHomeModern LLC ($7.2K/year)

Marc Staples (from Clarksville, v) started DownHomeModern LLC almost 2 years ago.

$600 / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

My name is Marc Staples. I am the founder of DowhHomeModern and the Lago Luna Lakeside Studio in Virginia. With the recent introduction of my original designs of windbells and chimes, DownHomeModern is gaining attention as an educator as well as a producer of quality products. Each Frontier Bell that we sell embraces the history of the place it is named for.

In 2021 I created a collection of small bells based on American Southwest decor. I call the line our Frontier Mission Bells™. The rustic style of these products has grabbed the attention of people who like their homespun appearance. The Frontier Bells has been the primary driver of sales for DownHomeModern. The example below is called “San Gabriel”. It is named after a Spanish Mission in San Gabriel, California.


2. CraftBundles

CraftBundles offer a massive range of free and premium DXF and SVG cut files perfect for all your craft projects. All designs come with commercial license.

  • Business rank: #268K

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3. Organic Cotton Plus

Organic Cotton Fabric and Eco-Friendly Crafting Supplies. GOTS Certified products including organic cotton Flannel, Jersey, Interlock, Canvas, Fleece...

  • Business rank: #412K

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4. Succy Crafts

Purchase your succulents online and have them shipped directly to you! Our online succulent store is the perfect place to buy your succulent plants online with ease. 3-Day shipping on all orders with a quality guarantee on all succulents.

  • Business rank: #916K

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