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3 Construction Company Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 4th, 2024

Running a construction company can be very rewarding and require hard work, attention to detail, and a hustle mentality.

Construction companies are responsible for building/designing a variety of apartments, buildings, properties, housing, infrastructure, facilities & developments, motorways, roads, paths, pavement, and more.

In this list, you'll find real-world construction company success stories and very profitable examples of starting a construction company that makes money.

1. Boxabl ($120M/year)

Galiano Tiramani, founder of Boxabl, came up with the idea for his business by recognizing the inefficiency and high costs of traditional construction methods. Inspired by the production line approach of the automotive industry, Tiramani developed a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for the housing industry. Through years of research, prototyping, and perseverance, Tiramani is now on the verge of launching his first factory and aims to revolutionize the modular housing industry on a global scale.

How much money it makes: $120M/year
How much did it cost to start: $50M
How many people on the team: 20


On Building A Construction Technology Company Selling Foldable Homes

Boxabl, a building construction technology company that uses an assembly line for houses to provide highly efficient, cost-effective solutions for a trillion-dollar industry, has received over 50,000 names on its waitlist for pre-orders and is set to move into its first factory.

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2. O2 Treehouse ($762K/year)

Dustin Feider, the founder of O2 Treehouse, came up with the idea when he built a geodesic sphere in a treetop for his senior capstone project in college. This unique design garnered attention and led him to realize the potential in the treehouse building industry. Today, O2 Treehouse is a well-known company with a two-year backlog of projects and has been featured in over 85 publications.

How much money it makes: $762K/year
How much did it cost to start: $12K
How many people on the team: 8


How I Started A $63K/Month Custom Built Treehouse Business And Got Featured In Over 85 Publications

Founder, Dustin Feider, shares how he started O2 Treehouse Commercial, a custom-built treehouse business generating $63K/month, which has been featured in over 85 publications and has a two-year backlog of projects waiting, along with the launch of Treewalkers, a treehouse hospitality franchise seeking to reconnect people with nature on a larger scale through a crowdfunding equity campaign via StartEngine.

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3. MTN SIDE BUILDERS ($480K/year)

Cameron Vilcsak, the founder of Mountain Fire Woodworks, came up with the idea for his business through his passion for carving and building things out of wood. After documenting the process of building a log cabin on his YouTube channel, a viral video with over 25 million views, he realized the potential to turn his passion into a scalable business. With steady passive income, plans to release more content, and exciting future projects, Vilcsak's business is thriving.

How much money it makes: $480K/year
How much did it cost to start: $50K
How many people on the team: 5


How I Gamed The YouTube Algorithm and Went Viral With 25M Views

Mountain Fire Woodworks founder Cameron Vilcsak shares how he used YouTube to promote his log cabins, chainsaw carvings, and passion for woodworking, culminating in one of his videos that has gone viral with over 25 million views and counting.

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