6 Cannabis Subscription Box Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Start A Cannabis Subscription Box Business

A cannabis subscription box business is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to get started in this particular industry. The market is huge, and there's room for everyone!

Cannabis subscription boxes have been around for years, but they've recently been experiencing a surge in popularity.

There's a lot of money to be made in the cannabis industry and if you're thinking of getting into it, you might want to think about starting a subscription box business.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a cannabis subscription box business:

1. Cannabox ($4.2M/year)

Michael Berk came up with the idea for Cannabox when he saw a gap in the market for a subscription box for cannabis accessories. As a daily cannabis user, he wanted a convenient solution to purchasing the items he needed. With an initial investment of $1,000, Berk launched Cannabox in 2013 and has since grown it into a successful business with an MRR of $350,000 and 11,000 subscribers.

How much they make: $4.2M/year
Current team size: 3


How I Started A $350K/Month Cannabis Subscription Box

Learn how Michael Berk founded and grew Cannabox, a monthly cannabis subscription box, to have an MRR of $350,000 and 11,000 subscribers, by being a pioneer in the industry, hiring the right people, staying humble, and using SEO, email marketing, and social media.

Michael grew the business to $350K/month
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