6 Bento Box Shop Success Stories [2023]

6 Bento Box Shop Success Stories [2023]
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Bento boxes are a popular container for carrying packed food to school or workplaces. While the bento boxes may be widespread across the globe, their history started in Japan hundreds of decades ago.

The lunch boxes are popular among the health-conscious population who prefer packed home food to fast-food eateries in the city. Starting a bento box shop in your neighborhood could be profitable, especially if you have students and working professionals in your area.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a bento box shop:

1. Bento&co ($2M/year)

Thomas Bertrand (from Kyoto, Japan) started Bento&co over 14 years ago.

$167K / month
1 founders / 14 employees
Kyoto, Japan

Case Study

Hi, my name is Thomas Bertrand, I’m from France and I've been living in Japan since 2003. I started my online store Bento&Co in November of 2008.

In 2016, I also started a new business, a SaaS for online sellers in Japan to manage shipments, called Ship&Co.


2. Pei Wei Asian Kitchen

Pei Wei Asian Kitchen | Enjoy Asian Cuisine That Starts with Fresh Whole Food Hand-Crafted and Prepared In-House When You Order.

  • Website traffic: 270K/month
  • Business rank: #129K

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4. Blippo Kawaii Shop

Kawaii Shop full of squishies, Japanese candy & kawaii stationery. ♥ Discover Japanese snacks, kawaii plushies, washi tape and more super cute kawaii things with FREE shipping worldwide!

  • Website traffic: 290K/month
  • Business rank: #182K

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Use our age verification process to confirm that you are over the age of 21 before entering Bento Delivery's site.

  • Business rank: #296K

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