6 Bedding & Pillow Kiosk Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Start A Bedding & Pillow Kiosk

A bedding & pillow sales kiosk business sells mattress covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, comforters, shams, quilts, and bed skirts.

Research has shown that the global home bedding market size will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% in the next decade.

The growth in demand attributes to the boom in the housing sector and the growing consumer spending on home furnishings, which have expanded the growth scenario for the market.

Therefore, a sales professional looking for the best sales business idea stands a chance to increase their income if they start the bedding & pillow sales kiosk business. To start your bedding & pillow sales kiosk business you need skills and the knowledge of sourcing good designs and high-quality materials. Also, you need proper negotiation skills so you can maximize your profit margins.

Follow these steps to start your bedding & pillow sales kiosk business.

  • Decide how much you are willing to invest
  • Research the market
  • Come up a name for your bedding kiosk
  • Choose a strategic location
  • Acquire business licenses
  • Get the required insurance for your business
  • Obtain inventory for your kiosk

When you have your bedding & pillow sales kiosk business running, you can scale your sales by showcasing your beddings with professionally edited photos. In addition, sell your bedding online, in-person, and in whatever channel your target consumers feel convenient to use.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a bedding & pillow kiosk:

1. Sheets & Giggles ($2.4M/year)

Colin McIntosh, the founder of Sheets & Giggles, came up with the idea for his business after leaving a tech startup in 2017. He wanted to start his own company and decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a physical product brand. After validating the product through Facebook ads and collecting over 11,000 interested buyer emails, he launched Sheets & Giggles on Indiegogo with 500 customers on day one and $45,000 in funding.

How much they make: $2.4M/year
Current team size: 6


Starting A Bed Sheet Business Making $600K In First 8 Months

Find exactly how Colin:

  • Start: Came up with the idea after running a failed tech startup
  • Validation: Collected over 11K emails before launch with FB ads and a landing page
  • Growth: In just 6 months, received over 6,000 orders and generated $500K

Build a business model first, not a product. So many entrepreneurs spend time and money (lots of time and lots of money) building a solution for a problem they perceive without ever validating that it’s a viable business.

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2. Danielle Oakey Shop ($540K/year)

After years of interior design blogging and running her e-design business, Danielle Oakey decided to open a pillow shop. She saw a need for decorative pillow covers made from vintage and high-quality fabrics that were lacking in the online market. With just $500 borrowed from her dad and $800 of her own funds, she started her business, which is projected to do $400,000 in sales in 2018.

How much they make: $540K/year
Current team size: 1


Danielle Oakey Created A Business Selling Pillow Cases On Instagram

Danielle Oakey built a successful online pillow cover store with a projected $400,000 sales in 2018, using Instagram as her main marketing tool and bootstrapping to create her business with only $1,300.

Danielle started Danielle Oakey Shop about 8 years ago
Danielle grew the business to $45K/month
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Other resources

3. Doris Sleep ($120K/year)

Tracey Wallace, a content marketer and SEO expert, launched her direct-to-consumer bed pillow business, Doris Sleep, after being inspired by her family's cotton and bed pillow manufacturing company. By incorporating her values of supporting US manufacturing and sustainability, Tracey decided to create pillows made with 100% recycled plastic bottle fill. Launching on the anniversary of her grandfather's death, Tracey sees her business as a way to honor his legacy.

How much they make: $120K/year
Current team size: 0


How I Launched A Direct To Consumer Bed Pillow Business

Content marketer and SEO expert Tracey Wallace launched Doris Sleep, a direct-to-consumer bed pillow company that offers pillows made 100% in the US with 100% recycled plastic bottle fill, and spent around $10,000 on the launch, with recommendations from others and organic traffic being the highest converting methods for attracting and retaining customers.

Tracey started Doris Sleep about 5 years ago
Tracey grew the business to $10K/month
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4. Tuft & Needle ($170M/year)

How much they make: $170M/year
Current team size: 200


JT Marino, Co-founder, Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle co-founders took the e-commerce bed products company from $1 million in their first full year of operation with a $6,000 personal investment to $200 million+ in annual sales in less than six years, by focusing on constraints, margins, customer service, and expanding through Amazon and guest posting.

Daehee started Tuft & Needle over 11 years ago
Daehee grew the business to $14.2M/month
Read by 652 founders