5 App For Music Producers Success Stories [2024]

Updated: June 21st, 2024
Start An App For Music Producers

In this list, you'll find real-world app for music producers success stories and very profitable examples of starting a app for music producers that makes money.

1. Songstats ($828K/year)

Oskar Eichler, co-founder of Songstats, came up with the idea for his business while working as a label manager and DJ in Shanghai. Being involved in the music industry, he recognized the value of data analytics for artists and record labels and wanted to provide a platform that aggregated insights across various music services. After teaming up with his co-founders, they built Songstats and now have over 6,000 customers generating almost $1 million in annual recurring revenue.

How much money it makes: $828K/year
How much did it cost to start: $400K
How many people on the team: 8


How These Friends Bootstrapped A $1M/Year Business Out of Their Love for Music

Songstats is a music data analytics SaaS platform that aggregates insights across 14 different music services, approaching $1 million in annual recurring revenue and growing its team of music lovers, ultimate frisbee players, and close friends that came together in Bali, Indonesia with a shared vision of launching their startup.

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2. AudioCipher Technologies ($12K/year)

AudioCipher Technologies was founded by Ezra Sandzer-Bell, a musician with a passion for music philosophy and hidden messages in melodies. After discovering a technique used by classical composers to encode words into melodies, Ezra saw an opportunity to create a music software company. With a shoestring marketing budget, AudioCipher sold over 200 copies of their flagship product, earning $3000+ in revenue within their first 10 weeks on the market.

How much money it makes: $12K/year
How much did it cost to start: $7K
How many people on the team: 1


How We Earned 200+ Sales Of Our Music Software In Less Than 3 Months

AudioCipher Technologies has sold over 200 copies of its $15 MIDI plugin that translates words into music notes, earning $3000 in revenue during its first 10 weeks without any pre-existing mailing lists or industry leads, despite a shoestring budget.

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3. Musicspace ($2.4K/year)

Karan Beghi, the founder of Musicspace.io, came up with the idea after realizing the need for a simple music catalog management platform while working with an artist who struggled to organize their song lyrics and metadata. He conducted a product-market fit questionnaire and found that 90% of his followers were interested in a catalog platform, prompting him to create Musicspace. Despite facing challenges with finding developers, he persevered and launched the platform, attracting 100 users in just under 2 months.

How much money it makes: $2.4K/year
How much did it cost to start: $500
How many people on the team: 1


On Launching A Simple Music Catalog Management App For Artists And Producers

Musicspace.io is a music catalog management platform that has attracted 100 users in under two months entirely bootstrapped, with plans to handle independent and non-independent artists of all sizes, while offering additional features such as a Milestones product for users to track their achievements, goals, and milestones.

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