6 Activity Box Success Stories [2023]

6 Activity Box Success Stories [2023]
Start An Activity Box Business

Welcome to the world of activity boxes! If you love crafts, DIY projects, and trying new things, then this business idea might just be perfect for you.

Here's how it works: each month, subscribers receive a box filled with all the materials and instructions needed to complete a fun and engaging activity. These could be things like painting kits, candle-making supplies, or even cooking ingredients and recipes.

The best part about this business is that you get to be creative and come up with new ideas for activities every month. You can also tailor the boxes to fit different interests and skill levels, so there's something for everyone.

To get started, all you need is a love for creating and a little bit of organization. You'll need to source materials, create detailed instructions, and package everything up into attractive boxes. Then, it's just a matter of marketing your business and attracting subscribers.

Activity boxes are a great way to bring a little bit of joy and creativity into people's lives, and they can be a fun and rewarding business to run. So if you're looking for a new venture that allows you to flex your creative muscles, consider starting an activity box business today!

Here are some real life success stories of starting a activity box business:

1. Lit League ($36K/year)

Christina Corriveau (from Lake Bluff, IL, USA) started Lit League about 4 years ago.

$3K / month
3 founders / 0 employees

Case Study

My name is Christina, and I am one of three momtrepreneurs who founded Lit League. We create book-themed activity boxes for kids ages 3-12, and we have developed three book box lines: picture book, early chapter book, and chapter book.

We are delighted to now be approved materials providers for eleven different charter schools in two states and have subscribers receiving Lit League boxes across the nation.


2. Xplorabox

Keep your child away from TV/Mobiles. Make them smarter, sharper and enhance developmental skills Best subscription box for kids-Xplorabox India Loved by 1lac+ parents

  • Business rank: #1.79M

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Other resources

4. ActivityBox

Learn Creative Thinking the Fun Way. Kids ages 3 - 6. ActivityBox delivers inspiration, instructions and materials to your home every month.

  • Business rank: #2.54M

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5. ALLEN Smart Box

Intelli SMART Box is India’s best STEM Activity Box developed by Education experts of ALLEN IntelliBrain to make the kids of class 1 to 8 learn & applies knowledge

  • Business rank: #3.26M

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