How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page In 2024

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What Is A Explore Ads?

Instagram Explore Ads are found under Instagram’s Explore tab.

The "Explore" page is where users discover new content and accounts. Over 50% of Instagram users regularly use the explore page.

To get your ad listed on the explore page, you just need to choose to explore as an extra placement when setting up your ad.

From there, you can reach a large audience and hopefully gain some new followers while you're at it!

In this post, we enlighten you on how Instagram Explore Ads works and provide examples of effective explore ads from different brands.

Instagram Explore Ads: Key Takeaways

  • More than 50% of Instagram users visit the explore page to discover photos and videos.
  • Instagram is estimated to have 1.074 billion users worldwide in 2021
  • People turn to Explore when they want to branch out from the accounts they already follow on Instagram

Understanding How Instagram Ads In Explore Work

Instagram explore page presents different posts for every user from accounts they do not follow yet, based on their past likes and interests.

To do this, the Instagram explore page features an algorithm that appeals to the needs of today’s empowered customers, giving them relevant content they crave based on posts they liked in the past.

For businesses, whenever your content shows up on Instagram explore page, there is a chance for you to develop new touchpoints with previously unconnected users.

This is considering that 80% of people follow a business on Instagram.

Therefore, explore tab helps these people to find the next business or product they might love.

This means brands could use Instagram explore ads to target customers who are interested in their products.

For advertisers, Instagram's Explore tab provides an opportunity to be part of what is culturally relevant and trending while reaching new audiences who are looking to discover something new.

Such advertisers can extend their campaigns easily using automatic placements with a simple opt-in to reach audiences in Instagram explore.

Why You Need To Feature On Instagram Explore Tab

Getting on the Instagram explore page offers your business a number of benefits including:

  • Helps your posts to get more likes as it is exposed to relevant audience
  • Builds brand awareness because by exposing your business to a whole new audience of potential customers
  • Helps you to acquire new customers and sell more products
  • The algorithm is based on individual interests and so you will be exposed to a targeted audience

Real-World Examples Of Brands That Use Instagram Explore Ads

Here are examples of brands using IG Explore to advertise and reach the target audience effectively.

1. How HiSmile Achieved 90% Increase In Customers Through Instagram Ads

HiSmile is a teeth whitening brand offering easy-to-use and all-natural products to deliver sparkling results.


The company wanted to raise brand awareness and product awareness amongst men.

They settled on creating engaging content and sharing via Instagram Stories.

Thus, they created short and engaging video ads that told the brand story in just 15 seconds.

To encourage conversions and attract engagements, they combined the video with eye-catching typography that highlighted a sale and special offers in bold.


The Ads were featured on the Instagram Explore page, boosting the reach. HiSmile attained 5 times return on ad spend and saw customer base increase by up to 90%.

2. How Missoma Attained 5,641 Sales Orders For Its Instagram Shop

Missoma is a UK-based jewelry brand with a global vision.

The brand wanted to increase sales during a busy and competitive holiday shopping period while raising brand awareness.

To attain the objective, the brand settled on adding Instagram shops to its social strategy.


To increase sales, the brand organized items into special product categories, making it easier for people to explore the brand and help them discover products best suited to their interests.

Here are the results from the campaign:

  • 45,459 new visitors to Missoma’s Instagram Shop
  • 52,250 total visitors to Missoma’s Instagram Shop
  • 29,690 adds to cart from Missoma’s Instagram Shop
  • 5,641 orders from Missoma’s Instagram Shop

How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

These tips will help you to get to Instagram Explore easily.

Know Your Target audience

To get to Instagram explore tab, get familiar with your Instagram demographics and identify the target audience you would like to reach in explore.

Take time to learn what kind of content these users engage with most.

Share Engaging Content

With a good grasp of the type of content your target audience finds engaging, take time to create the content.

You can create Instagram video or use photo ads to reach the target audience.

Do include compelling captions to your content, to attract engagements. Share high-quality visuals that hook viewers and offer something of value.

Try Prominent Formats Like Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels crops up in both the explore feed and its own dedicated tab.

Therefore, getting discovered on Instagram Reels could mean getting discovered in the Explore tab too.

Cultivate An Active Community

A core purpose of the Instagram explore page is to connect people to communities on the platform.

The more active your brand community is on Instagram, the more likely Instagram will recommend it.

Therefore, start and participate in brand conversations to encourage engagements.

Post While Followers Are Online

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes timeliness.

Therefore, Instagram shows recent posts to more of your followers.

In that regard, use social media analytics tools (see examples below) to find out when your audience is online.

If your audience is online when you are not, an Instagram scheduler could be your best bet.

Include Relevant Tags

Geotags, account tags, and hashtags are some of the additional ways to extend the content reach within the Instagram explore the ecosystem.

Remember that Instagram users rely on tags to search and discover relevant content.

Thus, where a specific hashtag sparks someone’s interest, your content appears when people are looking for it.

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