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Updated: October 8th, 2022


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What are Photo Ads?

Photo ads refer to the use of single images to advertise a brand on Instagram. With more than a billion users every month, Instagram provides businesses a great opportunity for getting the brand messages out.

One of the best options for reaching your target audience is Instagram photo ads.

In this post, we explore how Instagram photo ads work, and highlight some cool examples of brands applying photo ads on Instagram successfully.

Instagram Photo Ads Key Takeaways

How Instagram Photo Ads Work

Photo ads show up organically in the Instagram feed as users scroll.

Instagram photo ads appear like usual posts but include a little “sponsored” notation on the corner.

The Instagram ad types are best suited for campaigns with compelling visual content conveyed in a single image.

The photo ads feature images created from high-quality photography, design, or illustration.

To improve performance, advertisers add text to images.

To push Instagram users into taking action, photo ads feature a call to action button at the bottom of the Instagram account.

Real World Examples: Create Photo Ads On Instagram

1. McDonald's Used Instagram Photo Ads To Keep The Brand Relevant

McDonald's is a brand that has used social media constantly to ensure they remain relevant to their customers. One of the Ad formats used by the brand is Instagram photo ads.

To celebrate the first day of summer, McDonald's published a photo ad and sponsored it to ensure maximum reach.


The summer-inspired image is a great example of thinking outside the box to create simple content that is relevant and captivating.

Although the image did not have any text calling, it was still recognizable.

2. Kriser Pets Uses Photo Ads To Advertise Services

Krisers is a natural pet store product and supplies. The brand wanted to build awareness around its pet grooming services.

To achieve the campaign objective, the brand choose to run a sponsored campaign on Instagram.

Kriser took an image of a groomed puppy and came up with this adorable Ad.


To improve how they deliver the message, they added a clear call to action, and a statement indicating what customers would get back on their first full-service.

How To Create a Compelling Instagram Photo Ad

Instagram photo ads are a great way to share your content and generate brand awareness. The key to success is making sure you are advertising in the right way. Here are important tips for running compelling photo ads on Instagram.

1. Set A Goal

Decide the action you want IG users to take when they see your photo ad.

Are you promoting a newly launched product or just want to raise brand awareness?

Choose the objective that best aligns with your advertising goal.

2. Define the Audience

Take a moment to define who you want to reach with your IG photo ad.

Understanding the audience enables you to create ads that catch attention and make users want to click.

Come up with an audience persona, to guide you in creating the advert.

3. Add a Compelling Image

Remember the success of an Instagram photo ad depends on the visual's quality.

Therefore, choose an excellent image that represents your brand values, supports the campaign objective, and suits your audience.

Stick to high-quality images in order to compel the audience.

4. Highlight The Offer

Whether you are promoting a particular offer or just aiming for conversations, it helps to include the CTA in your image.

However, just make sure you do not compromise image quality when adding the CTA button to your image.

5. Add the Finishing Touches

Add a landing page, and make sure the page works to the visitor's expectations.

Besides, the process should be clear and to the point.


Instagram photo ads should be simple. However, make sure the image stands out to attract the right audience.

You can use photo ads to promote products, build brand awareness, or support a cause.

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