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Never Settle is an American marketing, web & ecommerce services company. The company was founded in 2012 by Kenn Kelly and is based in Denver.

Developing small business and enterprise tech and marketing solutions for Websites, Apps, eCommerce, Branding, Design, WordPress, SquareSpace, and Shopify.




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Kenn Kelly details the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Never Settle?

I started in Management Consulting where my teeth were cut and I learned an incredible amount about business and technology that I am forever grateful for. From there I moved to Silicon Valley, where I had the opportunity to build a tech startup. We did the Sand Hill road tour and raised $9M in VC funding, had our SaaS white-labeled on multiple Fortune 100 companies and saw true hockey stick growth. During that time in 2009 when the Market dropped by almost 50%, we also learned what true hockey stick loss looks like. Those same Fortune companies were now laying off 25% of their workforce and our SaaS also went out the door.

I ultimately came back to Denver where I took a CIO position and ownership stake of another tech company. After a few years there it was very clear that my ideas on taking care of people were different than one of my business partners. It was at that moment that Never Settle was born.

I left that company, released all the debt I had invested, and returned my equity to create a clean separation. Took everything I had learned in my career from Management Consulting, to being in a high growth tech startup, to being part of a culture I wasn’t comfortable with and launched Never Settle with the axiom that we would ‘never settle’ on doing the right thing even when it costs us money, time, or humility. The money and growth simply aren’t worth it, people win every time and we want to be a business that values and empowers people to be all they were created to be - both clients and staff.

> In a culture that’s insistent on blaming others and finding excuses - ownership stands out.

I was three months away from getting married so starting over was a risky proposition, to say the least, as I convinced my fiance (now wife) to start over with nothing. But we did it, we built one website, then another, all with the focus on serving our clients from a relational standpoint. Up to this point, our business has been a 100% referral which speaks more to who we are than who we hope to be.

Growing up, my family had a small Italian restaurant where I started working at a young age. It was there that I truly realized the value of service. Never Settle is a service company that builds solutions with our customers that help them achieve their goals. If we want to stay competitive in this industry we can never lose our focus on service. Our goal as an agency to help our clients build bigger stories through design, marketing, and web technologies.

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Never Settle is built on WooCommerce.

They use ActiveCampaign and EmailOctopus for their email.