The 60 Best A/B Testing Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 60 Best A/B Testing Tools For Small Business [2021]

A/B Testing is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular a/b testing tools.

Here they are:

1. MixPanel

Advanced analytics for mobile and web.

Businesses using MixPanel:

18 successful businesses are using MixPanel ➜


Get MixPanel ➜

2. Instapage

Platform designed to create, personalize, & optimize post-click landing pages and experiences at scale.

Businesses using Instapage:

7 successful businesses are using Instapage ➜


Get Instapage ➜

3. Zoho PageSense

The complete A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform

Businesses using Zoho PageSense:

6 successful businesses are using Zoho PageSense ➜


Get Zoho PageSense ➜

4. Jika

Price A/B Testing for Shopify

Businesses using Jika:

1 successful business is using Jika ➜


Get Jika ➜

5. Evergage

Interaction Studio powers personalized experiences and interactions to billions of people around the world every day

Businesses using Evergage:

1 successful business is using Evergage ➜


Get Evergage ➜

6. UpSellit

Optimizes online conversions with a suite of targeted tactics, sales chat, lead capture and email marketing solutions


Get UpSellit ➜


A tool that uses AI to make A/B tests effortless and effective


Get ➜

8. SplitMetrics

SplitMetrics smart A/B testing: convert ideas into new levels of profitability with in-depth insights and the right decisions


Get SplitMetrics ➜

9. Convertize

Convertize is a simple, yet powerful, A/B testing tool. Using the intuitive visual editor and built-in statistics engine, anyone can test and optimise their website content.Key features:- A/B testing and Split testing- SmartEditor- SmartPlugins (dynamic text & geolocation)- Autopilot mode (for all the heavy statistical lifting)- Lightning Mode super-fast pixel - A library of 150 optimisation tactics (as used by Amazon and other leading websites)


Get Convertize ➜

10. Taplytics

Mobile A/B testing - bridge the gap between marketing and development, enabling your team to find insights and run tests


Get Taplytics ➜

11. TryMyUI

Usability testing solution that provides remote, mobile, wideframe, impression testing, and more


Get TryMyUI ➜

12. AB Tasty

Marketing, product and tech teams use the AB Tasty platform to rapidly drive ROI and continuously deliver outstanding user experiences


Get AB Tasty ➜

13. Split Hero

Easy, Fast & Effective A/B Testing for WordPress


Get Split Hero ➜

14. Proof Pulse

Proof's flagship product, Pulse, helps online business increase their leads and sales by showing real-time social proof


Get Proof Pulse ➜

15. Alter

Alter helps automatically convert more website visitors with personalized content recommendations


Get Alter ➜

16. Exit Intelligence

Helps businesses in email acquisition and visitor conversion for eCommerce


Get Exit Intelligence ➜

17. Exit Monitor

Conversion rate optimization and lead generation solution with visitor behavior tracking, exit intent technology, and targeted offers


Get Exit Monitor ➜

18. Apptimize

Cloud-based user experience tool that helps businesses manage feature release and experimentations via pilot testing & feature flags


Get Apptimize ➜

19. FigPii

FigPii is a conversion optimization platform that allows you to identify problem areas on your site and test your solutions to ensure they increase conversions


Get FigPii ➜

20. AdOptics

Automated A/B testing for Google Ads


Get AdOptics ➜

21. Kameleoon

With over 500 customers Kameleoon is Europe's leading personalization and A/B testing platform, powered by machine learning algorithms


Get Kameleoon ➜


Implement Conver


Get ➜

23. UserLook

Automated user testing for your website or mobile app with real in-context user feedback videos

Get UserLook ➜

24. Evolv

Remove the barriers to optimization with AI-powered CRO


Get Evolv ➜

25. AutoOptimize

A/B testing platform that takes the guesswork out of building webpages that convert


Get AutoOptimize ➜

26. Competeshark

Makes it easy to track content changes, A/B tests and performance levels of competing brands


Get Competeshark ➜

27. Convert Experiences

An A/B testing tool that'll actually help grow your business


Get Convert Experiences ➜

28. Audiencefy

eCommerce customer segmentation & analytics app on Shopify to optimize your marketing campaigns


Get Audiencefy ➜

29. Maxymizely

The easy to set up tool carrying out A/B/N tests and web analytics both for websites and apps (mobile and web)


Get Maxymizely ➜

30. Omniconvert

Conversion rate optimization tool with web personalization, AB testing with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, and triggered online surveys


Get Omniconvert ➜

31. Optimizely

Optimizely is the world's leading experimentation platform enabling enterprises to experiment and personalize across websites and apps


Get Optimizely ➜

32. Personyze

Personyze allows you to conduct powerful A/B testing within targeted segments defined by over 70 targeting rules, where the personalized content you test could be anything ranging from WYSIWYG edits to your site, targeted banners or popups, forms, sliders, recommendations, and more. Rotate these testing groups by page view, by session, or by user, and use control groups if desired. You can even automatically shut down a testing group, after a period of time or statistical significance reached.


Get Personyze ➜

33. Qualtrics CoreXM

Lay the right foundation for managing your stakeholder experiences. From customer insights to market segmentation to concept testing, Qualtrics CoreXM is the single solution for all of your experience data.


Get Qualtrics CoreXM ➜

34. Convincely

Platform that turns visitors into customers by gamifying their entire experience


Get Convincely ➜

35. Conductrics V3

Web-based solution that enables businesses to manage backend processes, edit web content and add features to applications or websites


Get Conductrics V3 ➜

36. Quitsnap

Simple and transparent Quitsnap Blue allows you to independently manage sales in your store or website


Get Quitsnap ➜

37. UseItBetter

Analytics & A/B Testing Platform for analysts, marketers and web developers working together to improve Conversion and User Experience


Get UseItBetter ➜

38. ChangeAgain

A/B testing tool for web-sites with Google Analytics Integration for non-technical small to medium businesses


Get ChangeAgain ➜

39. SimpleHeatmaps

A simple and fast way to see how customers are interacting with your website


Get SimpleHeatmaps ➜

40. Twik

Twik automatically personalizes websites to increase Sales and Revenue and creates an engaging experience for all - automatically


Get Twik ➜

41. UserTesting

UserTesting helps organizations to create the best customer experience powered by human insights


Get UserTesting ➜

42. ConvertCart Tool Suite

ConvertCart is a machine learning-based all-in-one CRO tool suite that ties together 21 tools into a powerful ecosystem


Get ConvertCart Tool Suite ➜

43. NotifyVisitors

Marketing Automation SoftwareAI and Machine learning powered Personalisation, Segmentation, Omnichannel and Cross-Device


Get NotifyVisitors ➜


Quick and Easy Remote Usability Testing for Websites and Apps


Get ➜

45. Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is a smart omnichannel agile marketing platform built for Financial Institutions


Get Prisma Campaigns ➜

46. Picreel

Automated marketing technology that provides an opportunity to extract value from abandoning visitors


Get Picreel ➜

47. SiteSpect

With SiteSpect you can test ideas, discover insights, and optimize the customer experience without the limitations of JavaScript tags

Get SiteSpect ➜

48. Freshworks CRM

Built on the next-generation customer engagement platform, Freshworks CRM helps break internal silos and deliver personalized experiences across marketing and sales


Get Freshworks CRM ➜

49. quantilope Agile Insights Software

Market research platform that helps businesses with feature such as demand score, brand price conjoint, brand association and more


Get quantilope Agile Insights Software ➜

50. ABlyft

ABlyft is an A/B testing platform that is specifically aimed at developers and professional users


Get ABlyft ➜

51. Crazy Egg

heatmap snapshots, scrollmap reports,


Get Crazy Egg ➜

52. Cxense

Web-based solution that provides data management through analysis, conversions, customization and more


Get Cxense ➜

53. VWO Testing

VWO is a leading website optimization and testing platform used by more than 4000 brands in 90 countries to analyze web activity and increase conversions. Companies including Microsoft, Dominos, Career Builder and the American Red Cross use VWO to understand how visitors engage with their website properties. VWO is an easy but highly effective platform with A/B testing, split testing, behavioral targeting, personalization, website reviews and heatmaps.


Get VWO Testing ➜

54. SplitWit

Helps you run A/B split test on your website with a visual editor that lets you make changes on the fly


Get SplitWit ➜

55. BlueConic

BlueConic unifies first-party customer data into robust, person-level profiles, and then activates it across your marketing ecosystem


Get BlueConic ➜

56. Concurra

An all-in-one website UX and conversion optimization platform built specifically for digital agencies to use on client websites


Get Concurra ➜

57. dragdropr

DragDropr lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropp


Get dragdropr ➜

58. Pii Testing Engine

A/B testing software designed to optimize online business conversion and improve customer experience


Get Pii Testing Engine ➜

59. Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine

Cloud intelligent personalization engine with decisioning capabilities, goal metrics, and machine learning technology


Get Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine ➜

60. Test Ace

A test data generator with patented function of automatic recognition of personal information


Get Test Ace ➜

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