Optimize Your Site For Voice Search: A Guide

Optimize Your Site For Voice Search: A Guide

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What Is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice search technology allows website users to use the voice command to perform a search on your website. Voice search optimization refers to making the existing content better suited for voice search.

According to statistics, 65% of consumers talk to their voice-enabled devices daily.

As voice search grows, here is what you should know about optimizing your website for voice search so that you still reach your target audience. This post covers what you need to know about voice search, and shares tips for optimizing your website for voice search.


Cost Details
For a basic voice search optimization campaign, you can plan on spending anywhere from $300 to $900 per optimized page

Voice Search Optimization Key Takeaways

  • Voice search uses a conversational tone characterized by longer search terms
  • Web content must be more specific and concise to appear via voice search
  • Voice search optimization is an essential part of local search marketing
  • Google’s voice search results are based on prominence, distance, and relevance

Understanding How Voice Search Optimization Works

Before we look at how voice search optimization works, it's important you recognize how voice search technology works.

Ideally, Voice search changes the original concept of typing a query into the search engine significantly. It is based on speech recognition technology and search engine keyword queries, to process web searchers' requests.

On the other side, voice search optimization is based on optimizing the current web content so that you can rank when a searcher uses voice to search.

Generally, you do not have to change the whole web content to optimize for voice search. you can ensure the website is optimized for voice search within a few days.

A good reason voice search is becoming popular is the advancement in technology. Today, we are surrounded by voice search devices, and so it becomes tempting to use these devices to discover online content.

  • Understand the customer type and device behavior
  • Create voice-search friendly FAQ pages
  • Optimize content for local search
  • Provide context with schema markup
  • Create conversational but concise content
  • Claim your business on Google my Business Listing
  • Reduce website loading speed time
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Embrace long-tail keywords

Here is an example of how voice search optimization enables websites to rank high.

How Search Engine Land Lands Top Position On SERP Through Voice Search Optimization

Search Engine Land is a great example of how voice search optimization helps websites rank at position 0 of SERP.


In this example, we voice-searched for “how I can Optimize For Voice Search”. Search engine land.com appeared top of organic results.

A close look at their content shows that the web content contains straightforward answers to our questions. Besides, the content features proper HTML structure, helping Google to find the content easily.

Optimizing your website for voice search may feel overwhelming. Luckily, you will find SEO experts to help you with website Voice search optimization. Freelancing websites could be a good place to find the best website optimization experts.


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