Twitter Polls: A Simple Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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Twitter does not charge you to run a Twitter Poll

What Is A Twitter Poll?

Twitter Polls are native surveys designed to collect feedback and give people the chance to weigh in on questions.

One great way to increase engagement is conducting Twitter polls.

Not only are these fun for your followers to interact with, but they can also be used to conduct market research and gain constructive feedback for your brand or industry.

Twitter Poll Key Takeaways

  • Creating Twitter polls provides a valuable source of market research data and shows your audience you care about them.
  • To achieve success through Twitter polls, find a balance between keeping engaging while gathering usable information.
  • Twitter polls can be about anything, but it is worth considering how relevant you want to keep the topic to you and your brand.
  • Before launching a Twitter poll, always stop and think about the kind of debate you might cause.
  • To maximize the reach of your poll, pin the post to the top of your profile page.

Understanding How Twitter Polls Work

Twitter polls have been a tool to turn opinions and ideas.

Entrepreneurs can create a very-simple Twitter poll with just a click of a button and gather votes from their audience.

The polls are embedded directly on tweets rather than having to use Twitter cards. The Twitter polls feature:

  • Four voting options
  • The number of votes counted so far
  • Time left before polls close.

Once your followers vote in a poll, you will see the results as they currently stand. Only the voter will see the option he selected. After the polls have ended, the results will update for all Twitter users to see within the original Tweet.

Real World Examples of Entrepreneurs Running Twitter Polls

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an American event management and ticketing website.

They use Twitter Polls to get insights from their audience and potential customers.


Eventbrite Twitter polls may serve different purposes. To help current customers decide which type of events to organize, and may nudge Twitter users to look out for upcoming events.

2. Benjamin Rivers

Benjamin Rivers is a Toronto-based designer and creator of story-rich and innovative video games.

Benjamin used Twitter polls to get insights from his Twitter followers.


Such Twitter polls have helped Benjamin to pursue his game development and provide his customers games they love.

Getting Started With Twitter Polls

  • Login to Twitter and click on "new tweet"
  • Click on the poll button located in the tweet box
  • Write the Tweets in the form of questions or sentences to encourage users to participate
  • You can add a minimum of two and a maximum of four answers to allow users to choose easily
  • Set how long you want the poll to last for
  • Post the poll on Twitter
  • After the polling time elapsed, you will see the winning answer.

Creating Twitter polls does not have to feel overwhelming. Open Twitter today and get started easily. alternatively, you can hire social media marketers on Upwork or Fiverr, for assistance with Twitter polls.


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