Detailed Guide To Creating Twitter Conversational Ads

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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Cost Details
Twitter ads' costs will depend on how much you bid, but prices vary from $0.50 to $2 per billable action.

What Is Twitter Conversational Ads?

Twitter Conversational Ads feature formats that make it easier for consumers to engage with and spread brands' campaign messages.

Therefore, Twitter Conversational Ads present a powerful tool for advertisers to extend their presence across Twitter.

The difference between these ads and promoted tweets is that you can use a CTA to encourage users to tweet a specific hashtag.

Once they choose their favorite hashtag, Twitter composes a pre-populated brand message that users can share.

Twitter Conversational Ads Key Takeaways

  • Twitter's wide range of advertising products help businesses achieve their marketing goals
  • On mobile and web, tapping on any pixel in the conversational ad counts as engagement
  • Your bid is one of the main factors that determine how frequently your ad is shown to your audience.

How Twitter Conversational Ads Work

Promoted tweets with compelling images or video and campaign hashtags have helped marketers increase brand engagements.

Conversational ads take this a step further! Twitter conversational ads include a Call-to-Action button with customizable hashtags to encourage audience engagement.

Therefore, audiences tap on the Call-to-Action button and the Tweet composer opens with a pre-populated brand message accompanied by the creative and hashtag buttons.

The user can edit the tweet and share it with followers.

Upon tweeting, the audience receives a message from the brand for having engaged with the tweet.

In addition, the new tweet appears to the consumer's followers in their timelines bearing the brand's original photo or video.

The conversational ads feature is powerful since it drives earned media at no extra cost and results in a high ROI.

Real-World Examples Of Brands Using Twitter Conversational Ads

Here are examples of brands using Twitter conversational ads in their campaigns, and from whom you can draw some inspiration.

1. How Cadbury Arabia sparked conversation for the launch of a new sweet treat

When @CadburyArabia launched a new product in partnership with @Oreo, they turned to Twitter to create buzz, generate curiosity, and get people talking about the new product.

They set up a social media newsroom and started monitoring trending topics on Twitter.

As the brand's social newsroom focused on responding to trending topics in real-time, Cadbury Arabia worked with Twitter to shape the conversation around major sporting events with the help of conversational ads.

The campaign netted over 40 million impressions, which an engagement rate of 3.5%.

Here is what the Head of Media MENAP, had to say about the campaign's success.

"Twitter has tremendous penetration in Saudi Arabia, a country that we focused on during the campaign. It is a very powerful platform to identify events that are trending and capitalize on them. Twitter’s Promoted Trends helped us define what was important, and conversational ads added an interactive element that was very important to campaign success.

2. How Hotel Indigo Got Travelers To #StaySurprised With Twitter Conversational Ads

@hotelindigo, one of the InterContinental Hotels Group`s lifestyle brands, had opened a new hotel in Katong.

The brand wanted to increase awareness of the new opening in Singapore, and so they invited the locals to rediscover the neighborhood through surprising visual stories during Singapore’s National day, which is one of the most celebrated occasions.

The interactive nature of Twitters Conversation ads provides Hotel indigo a unique approach for driving quality conversations with travelers and Singaporeans.

The brand featured the hashtag #StaySurprised and a combination of the local colloquialisms for its conversational video and image cards.

With a click, users shared the Tweets with personalized brand messages through call-to-action buttons.

Twitter conversational ads helped the brand to build a strong social community.

The campaign attained over 2,000 mentions of #StaySurprised and @hotelindigo. The overall engagements reached 22,500 with conversations showing a strong positivity rate of 96%.

Here is what the hotel had to say regarding the campaign.

"Twitter’s conversational ads were a perfect solution to our focus on community building and engagement. We were able to create quality conversations and grow our social community in such a short period of time.

Lara Hernandez, Vice President, Sales & Distribution - Asia, Middle East & Africa, InterContinental Hotels Group

How To Set Up Twitter Conversational Ad

Step1. Log in to your Twitter Ads account and select "Create new campaign". Select either the engagements objective for an Image Ad or the video views objective for a Video Ad.

Step2. Under the “Create or select creative” section, click “use a conversational card”, which will allow you to configure your card.

Step3. Fill in the details of the conversational card, including:

  • The image or video in your card
  • The number of hashtags in your card -The Tweet copy that will be pre-populated in the Tweet when users interact with your card
  • A headline (appears above the hashtag) in a one-choice hashtag option
  • Thank you text (appears after a user has Tweeted your message)
  • Thank you URL (optional URL to drive a user to after they’ve set up the card)

Step4. Configure the rest of your campaign options (bidding and targeting) and launch your campaign!


Twitter conversational Ads provide the potential for more organic engagement.

As more people share their versions of the same ad, the more they promote your brand.

In addition, Twitter conversational ads enable consumers and your Twitter followers to serve as brand ambassadors.

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