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FAM writes, designs, and sends tested and proven emails for your Shopify business. It’s like having a full-time market team that runs email marketing for you β€” without the cost and the hassle.

FAM replaces an entire email marketing team by writing, designing, and sending all your emails for your Shopify store.

Email marketing is CRITICAL for your Shopify business… but hiring an email marketer is expensive. Sure, you can spend years learning how to master email marketing, but do you really have time for that? (Answer: hard no.)

What you want is fast growth, not trial and error.

Meet FAM.

With FAM, you can generate ready-to-send emails in ONE single click. No need to hire an email marketing team. It integrates with your Shopify store and Instagram account to create custom emails that are unique to your brand.

The best part? FAM leverages data from millions of emails to automagically schedule tested and proven campaigns that grow your Shopify revenue.

How An Active Duty Soldier Built $6M/Year Bare Performance Nutrition

Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

My name is Nick Bare and I own Bare Performance Nutrition. We are a sports nutrition and health supplement company based out of central Texas, just about 20 minutes north of Austin. ...

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