How We Started A $1.8M/Year Mobile App Development Company [From India]

Published: December 31st, 2022
Ishan Gupta
RipenApps Technol...
from Noida
started May 2017
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Hello! Who are you, and what business did you start?

Hello, I am Ishan Gupta, CEO of a fast-growing mobile app development company RipenApps.

We hold a team of veteran professionals, customer-centric working processes, and a 100% industry success rate. We ripe innovative digital projects that solve real-world business problems for multi-level businesses, i.e., SMEs and individual entrepreneurs, and optimize their business processes while scaling their revenue.

RipenApps got founded in 2017 with little investment and today stands at a USD 1.5M turnover, expanding its workspace from 400 Sqft to a three-story building and a team of 4 to 169+.


What's your backstory, and how did you come up with the idea?

Since I was a child brought up in a business family, my career path and profession are just a way apart. My father runs his ancestral business (it’s an aligarh based bicycle business), which is almost a 100-year-old. After growing up, I chose to become a technical guy and opted for a technical course to pursue. After schooling in my native place, I moved to Agra for my graduation and secured a Bachelor's Degree in computer science from RBS College Agra. For my PG in computer science, I moved to NCR and secured a Masters's degree from the Institute of Technology & Science.

Like every sharp student, I was also keen about holding a charismatic career in the IT field so did I. Got placed in a reputed IT firm and ended up with a reputed one. After spending a decade working for such reputed firms in prestigious positions, I have come up with a strong belief that digitalization is the future of this world.

Rather than just holding a position at any company, I should contribute at a huge level by igniting a process where I can witness the ripening of millions of innovative digital solutions that can change the landscape of the world and empower every small, medium, and large-scale business who can run and uplift their business and customer experience with the power of digital solutions, i.e., mobile applications, web solutions, IT consultancy, IoT solutions, etc.

And I left my well-paid job and joined the hands of three of my business partners, who are also my friends. We 4 seated for many sleepless nights, planned the roadmap, aligned our vision, formulated our process, and laid a foundation named- RipenApps in 2017.

All 4 of us had some experience in our respective fields, i.e., Business Consulting, IT & Sales, Charted Accountancy, and full-proof programming & coding.

Take us through the process of designing your services.

Every company’s first love is its first project, so it’s ours too.

After the commencement of RipenApps, we worked tirelessly for various days and nights. It was a winsome moment for us when we closed our first sales. With the zeal and spirit to build an immortal digital solution, We took that project into development.

Since we rooted RipenApps, the ultimate aim and objective is to design and develop quality applications that create a unique value because thousands of apps are uploaded to the store daily. Only a few can make a mark.

Our objective at RipenApps is to create and deliver niche apps that address the following purpose, i.e., the apps should ease the processes, not complicate them.

By keeping this in mind, we designed an innovative set of services that can address the various digital need of modern businesses.

We deliver end-to-end design and development services, whether mobile applications in iOS or Android or a Website.

As the entire world is shifting to smartphones, apps are holding a significant portion of resolving our daily needs. Keeping the fact that “digitalization is the future of the world” in mind, we decided to build innovative smartphone apps for our multilevel businesses so that they can operate their business with the power of mobile and channel their service efficiently.

When we started with our first app development project, we were only 4, and with a team size of 169+, we delivered 500+ successful projects among various industry domains.

Learning has no boundaries; wherever you are, wherever you are willing to be, and from wherever you came, there is one very basal yet prima fact that walked with you and led you to success, i.e., Learning.


Describe the process of launching the business.

Like I said earlier, I have rooted RipenApps with my 3 other co-founders. Initially, we thought of launching the venture and targeting various businesses, be they small, medium, or large, as much as we can and helping them to digitize their process with the help of innovative digital products.

We launched a specified and well-designed website that portrays our services and core expertise/experience. Since it was a bootstrapped business, we invested a nominal amount and started our startup.

Initially, it was tough to manage the whole thing as we 4 were needed to work as HR, tech lead, project manager, developer, designers, we meant all. And once we hit our first sale, we started expanding our team and managed to hire multiple team members under our roof.

That initial phase was quite challenging as well as interesting too. We gathered expertise around every corner of the corporate profile, and thus we became able to collect more and more gems in our team who all are doing wonders under one big roof at RipenApps.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Since launch, one and the prime thing that has attracted and retained our customers is our work portfolio. When we developed our first project, we got appreciation from our client and also got his recommendation. The technicality, features, UI/UX, and multiple third-party integrations inside the application recognized us as one of the best techies. They can imply the industry’s best app development techniques in digital product innovation.

The project count multiplied from 1 to 10 to 100 in the same year, and we collected a versatile work portfolio ornated with various chartbuster apps.

We do have a marketing team that works to maintain RipenApps’ virtue over the internet. Like others, we also follow some digital marketing strategies that yield our leads. We perform SEO tactics social influencing, and also the major portals that have listed us as a fast-growing company are our main sources to get customers.

Talking about a quick glance at our SEO tactics, like others, we also do content creation and publications, we also work on quality link building, On page SEO, and the rest of the part that is all upon our team.

Talking about our social media, yes we achieve a great brand reputation from there. We do not focus on leads over there as we only work to build brand value.

We have a veteran team of sales right now which works aggressively on curating potential customers.

Our work process, our rich portfolio, and our client testimonials have made us achieve various recognition in the first year itself. We got the limelight in various prestigious platforms for being one of the fastest-growing mobile app development companies. SiliconIndia, GoodFirms, Clutch, and AppFutura have ranked us and recognized us on their portals.

Here you can find our list of rewards and recognitions.

How are you doing today, and what does the future look like?

From 4 team members to 160+, from 1 project to 800+, from 400 sqft office space to 3 story workspace building, RipenApps has come so far in just 5 years of inception.

With multiple prestigious recognitions & awards, various limelights, thousands of client recommendations, and a 99 % on-time successful project completion rate, RipenApps has set its benchmark as one of the fastest-growing app development companies in India and the world.

Talking about the future, like today, we focus on exploring more markets, services, and technicalities to bring more innovation to our entrepreneurial world.

In addition to expanding our offices in various Global regions, we would also like a stronger presence in various parts of the global map.

Talking about the part of the service, we are already working on enhancing our capabilities in working on emerging technologies, like blockchain and the metaverse. The possibilities are endless if you are passionate and curious enough.

The company is targeting to become a one-stop solution for Digital Product Development. Currently, we are serving in Development, Support, and Infrastructure and planning to expand the BU's of Marketing, AI, IoT, and other latest technologies and areas of the IT industry.

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

Yes, learning has no boundaries; wherever you are, wherever you are willing to be, and from wherever you came, there is one very basal yet prima fact that walked with you and led you to success, i.e., Learning.

I have learned a lot as an individual, and as a company, we have learned a ton.

At the start, the prime learning that took us to the prestigious position we are in was how to en-cash the right opportunity with an expert move. Being new to the startup world, we might have missed various chances, but yes, we learned that en-cashing every opportunity with the right mindset and talented troupe always leads to success.

If I look at the pandemic years, it was tough for the whole world, though we have made it quite productive by taking that tough challenge as an opportunity. And with a talented backed team and the right customer-centric approach, we have not even sustained but succeeded in that situation.

The last two years have been incredibly difficult for individuals and businesses alike. Several challenges need to be dealt with immediately. Transitioning to a remote working environment and streamlining operations took a lot of effort; however, thanks to the employees' cooperation and good decision-making on the management’s part, we were able to have smooth sailing.

There were other challenges too. With so much happening around us, I had to find ways to keep my team’s mental health in check. I am rather proud that we have emerged stronger out of the situation. It was, of course, a team effort. Despite all the difficulties the employees might have faced on personal levels, they did not let our clients down.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

Being a mobile app development company, we utilize various app development tools and technologies. Since we develop apps for iOS, Android, Cross-platform, and Web, we utilize various technologies that are market pioneering and excelling in this digital world.

We use React Native, Flutter, Hybrid, iOS-related tools & programming languages, Android-related tools, and languages.

And to run our business, we use various tools and platforms to maintain communication with clients and inner team members, Basecamp, Skype, etc.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

Yes, I have read several influential books.

These books have influenced me to walk on the path wherever I am right now. These all have strengthened me towards working on the goal.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting?

Anyone who wants to make it big in the technology domain should focus on mastering skills such as data analysis, iOS and Android development, UX/UI Design, data science, and project management, among others.

They can also find massive opportunities in emerging technologies, including but not limited to the metaverse, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more.

They should focus more on team-building, management, and other essential aspects that enhance the business spirit.

Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

Yes, there are some, which you can find on our social media handles.

Where can we go to learn more?