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Vivek Bhaskaran

Vivek Bhaskaran

Vivek Bhaskaran is an American entrepreneur. Vivek started QuestionPro in 2005. (source)

Vivek Bhaskaran,  of QuestionProVivek Bhaskaran, of QuestionPro




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Early Career

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Vivek started QuestionPro in 2005. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: (source)

Q: How did you get started on QuestionPro?

I started QuestionPro back in 2005. In fact, I bootstrapped it for the first couple of years - which is code for - I was working my day job and working on developing the core software behind QuestionPro during nights and evenings. One day, in the fall of 2005 I returned home from work, I can even tell you what time it was, 6:30 in the evening. I looked at my wife - Kalpana while we were cooking dinner when something just clicked, at that moment I said, “Honey I am going to quit my job and I am going to run QuestionPro full time. I’m done.” She looked at me with a sense of bewilderment, horror, and pride. “But what about our mortgage?” - was her next statement. My answer was - “Well - we’ll figure it out. I have 6 months of savings” - to which she said - “Ok cool.”

My biggest reason for quitting my day job was not actually money, it was the freedom. Freedom to do what I wanted. Freedom to pursue a technical strategy that I saw fit for the company. Freedom to experiment with business models. Freedom to create new ideas. Freedom to engage with customers and create value for all of us. Freedom to take a put my ideas to practice.

Ask anyone who has quit their day job towards the pursuit of entrepreneurship - and you will almost universally get the same answer - the best decision ever. Universally. I hardly know anyone who does not get an adrenaline high by going down the entrepreneurship route. Yes - it is hard - it requires that you work almost 3X of what you could coast by - but the intrinsic rewards are 10X more. In fact, it's hard for most folks, including me, to imagine working a normal 9-5 job anymore.

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