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Vinson Leow is an American entrepreneur. Vinson started Chargeasap in 2016.[1]

Vinson Leow,  of ChargeasapVinson Leow, of Chargeasap



Chargeasap, Chargeasap


Early Career

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Vinson started Chargeasap in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Chargeasap?

Chargeasap is my 5th business. Originally I owned Royal Aquamarine, a sunglasses label that was stocked in over 80 stores worldwide. This led me to distribute brands back in Australia due to retailer relationships and expanded to focus on fashion accessories and homewares.

Eventually, I launched Bondi Laces a color shoelaces label with a friend, and since I’ve pivoted to Chargeasap. Technology and crowdfunding have been a huge passion of mine so this was the perfect pairing.

Chargeasap’s products have changed the way I interact with my mobile devices, frustrated with the limitations of current power banks and cables. This is how our first 2 products, Asap Dash Powerbank and Asap Connect cable, were born. It’s been a very challenging journey as my first partner at Royal Aquamarine was a fraud and left me with a huge investment with no business experience, to make matters worse the first company I paid $18,000 deposit for in China shutdown and ran off with the money.

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