Julien DUTHEIL CORBIOLI is a French entrepreneur. Julien started Natura Wellness in 2018 and is based in Paris.[1]

Julien DUTHEIL CORBIOLI,  of Natura Wellness Julien DUTHEIL CORBIOLI, of Natura Wellness


Natura Wellness


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Natura Wellness

Julien started Natura Wellness in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Natura Wellness ?

I’ve started some research about the food industry when I did some abroad years and became a student at the University Of California, Santa Barbara. I was playing for the soccer team of the university (Big up to the Gauchos) and I had to control my weight almost everyday.

Learn from what you’ve done wrong and always try to improve yourself.

I learned the ingredients of almost every product on the market and I became obsessed to know exactly what I was giving to my body.

After my short but intense soccer player career done I was in the best situation that an entrepreneur can dream for: I was in need of money. So I moved to Florida where I started to work as a real estate agent. The plan was to put some money on the side and build my own company not long after that.

Luckily (or not, depending on the perspective) the French people were buying massive real estate at this time because of the financial crisis. I worked two years before deciding I had enough savings to start building something from scratch.

I opened a French concept store which was sourcing products from France like wine, champagne, macarons, chocolate.

First entrepreneur experience, first employees, first daily incomes. But kind of the first fail.

Not financially but deeply I knew this was not really me. I wanted something with a real story to tell but also something scalable very fast. With the store, at best I would have ended up with 5 stores after 10 years… Not enough sexy from my perspectives.

I had a proposition to sell the store from a french couple who wanted to live the American dream. I took the decision in less than 24 hours, I sold the store and went back to France.

Back to zero, I was looking for something new to create, something fresh and fun. Something I could talk about 24/24 and 7/7.

At that particular moment, I thought back about my Californian years and start looking at what kind of products were on the french market back then.

Since I did not find any brand proposing what I wanted to see, I decided to create my own one.

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