Anders Ankarlid

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Anders Ankarlid is a Swedish entrepreneur. Anders started A Good Company in 2019 and is based in Stockholm.[1]

Anders Ankarlid,  of A Good CompanyAnders Ankarlid, of A Good Company


A Good Company


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A Good Company

Anders started A Good Company in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on A Good Company?

You know those child-entrepreneurs who scale up their lemonade business to earn real cash? That was me growing up. Appreciating a hard day’s work, setting goals, and learning from both success and failure were values instilled in me by the closest members of my family, most of them hippies-turned-entrepreneurs.

Me, eight years old — planning my next business venture

After high school, I wanted more imminent and tangible challenges than college could provide, so instead of jumping on the business school-track I heeded the call of my entrepreneurial side and launched my first eCommerce venture.

It did not go very well.

But the next one was a little more successful and on it went. I was hooked on the thrill of diving headfirst into new ventures, reaping both success and failure and collecting learnings as I went along.

For me, the idea to start A Good Company came with the cataclysmic environmental effects of the summer of 2018, where the highest temperatures in Sweden were measured in recorded history. The drought caused wells to dry up along with forest fires all across Sweden (a country covered in forests). We have a farm that’s been in my wife’s family for generations and being faced with the very tangible risk of our cattle dying of thirst and the effects of the burnt grass looking like scorched earth leaving little or no food for them to eat – that sent me into a sense of environmental despair.


After the most imminent danger had passed, I started reviewing my life and my family’s habits. And from this experience, A Good Company was born. I wanted to address the climate crisis in a way that I knew how; eCommerce. If I could have a positive impact on consumption, both what, how, and why people buy the things they do, I knew that I would feel I had made a difference.

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