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320+ Best Instagram Bios For Your Online Store [2023]

320+ Best Instagram Bios For Your Online Store [2023]

320+  Best Instagram Bios For Your Online Store [2023]

If you're looking to up your Instagram game, it's imperative that you have a great Instagram bio.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing your followers will see - it should be unique and tell users exactly what you do and who you are.

A good Instagram bio should give your potential customers a quick understanding of what your product does, as well as be memorable. If you want to find out how to write a great Instagram bio for your online store, then keep reading.

We understand how difficult it can be to craft a compelling Instagram bio, which is why we curated a list of the best online store Instagram bios.

Additionally, we provide you with examples of the best online store bios on Instagram and a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Looking to generate your own bio? Check out our free Instagram bio generator here.

Creative Online Store Instagram Bios

  • We offer various types of designs in many unique colors to meet your different moods and occasions.
  • Smooth inside – stylish outside – that’s the definition of our T-shirts.
  • Don’t worry we have it in our shopping page – get it from us.
  • Your dream is similar to our display window.
  • The attractive collection of our store will definitely make you very passionate about wearing T-shirts.
  • Keep shopping – keep enjoying.
  • Here we recommend comfort with stilettos.
  • Explore new – try new – buy new.
  • Thanks for checking in!
  • We are eager to offer you the most special combination of style and comfort through our special collection of T-shirts.
  • Taking care of your product is our duty.
  • Smile! That is what divas do on shopping.
  • Be yourself, fashion trends are meant to change.
  • Take a look on our page -explore new – buy from us.
  • Fashion in everyday life can’t make you stylist.
  • We sell skirts for boys too, want one?
  • Choose better T-shirt – choose our T-shirt.
  • We provide our customers the best experience of comfort and style through our T-shirts.
  • Wear whatever you like, our dresses won`t judge you by your proportions.
  • Wear a dim dress with a gorgeous personality.
  • Are you tired of searching? –have a look in our shopping page.
  • Trends change every week – be unbothered – be fashionable.
  • Try new things from our shopping page – it is all about you.
  • Thank you, come again.
  • Your personality gives that lovely finishing touch on our dresses.
  • We make only better quality T-shirts for better quality persons.
  • Our displayed window is made with our passion and your compassion.
  • Love what you do – like what you wear – wear our T-shirts.
  • Being stylish is another feature of our products.
  • The way you look at our display window is a little more fascinating than the way you look at your lover.
  • We offer various types of designs and color combination of T-shirts according to the season and weather.
  • Our shopping page here to help you to choose the right one – you don’t need to give effort.
  • We can satisfy all the person of different ages with our huge collection of unique T-shirts.
  • We are selling best products – because you deserve it.
  • Buy from us – buy trendy clothes – visit our shopping page.
  • We give you fashionable clothes – the thing you get for free is confidence.
  • Style – that comes free with our T-shirt.
  • Buy from us – our products will satisfy you.
  • Our cotton T-shirts can give you a fancy look in reasonable price.
  • Want to buy perfect clothes? –visit on our shopping page.
  • Visit on our shopping page – find things for you.
  • From everyday comfort to special day styles – our T-shirts will make you satisfied each & every time.
  • Expensive clothes are not real fashion, the way you wear t-shirt on red carpet is the real fashion.
  • Make your presence more appealing with our attractive and unique T-shirts.
  • Think of a good T-shirt – buy a good T-shirt from us.
  • Want to try something new? – find in our page.
  • You deserve fashion – our page is here to serve for you.
  • Take a new perspective with perfect products – buy from our page.
  • Keep scrolling – find in our page.
  • Fashion is the way you wear your backless dress with comfort.
  • Fashion is trend – stay trendy with our shopping page.
  • You can get the best quality T-shirts from our T-shirt store.
  • Buy clothes, buy happiness.
  • I am fashionable if you are smart.
  • Believe in us – believe in our T-shirts.

Cute Instagram Bios for Your Online Store

  • What matter to us is your satisfaction.
  • We sell here fashion here –style has to be achieved.
  • Money can`t buy happiness but it can buy clothes you need in order to be happy.
  • A comfortable T-shirt in a stylish look – that’s the motto of our T-shirt company.
  • The things you wan’na shop – you get here.
  • Visit on our shopping page – you will find new collections.
  • If you love shopping you will love our shopping page.
  • We have T-shirts for all ages and also for all genders.
  • Our workers never miss any chances to please our customers.
  • Buy from our shopping page – we won’t disappoint you.
  • Good fabric is important to make good T-shirts – we use best fabric only to make our T-shirts.
  • We have the best quality products – you definitely appreciate.
  • We assure you satisfaction – our customers are satisfied.
  • We offer T-shirts of different prices for all kind of buyers.
  • Invest money in clothes, happiness will be delivered.
  • Buy from our shopping page – we value your money.
  • We believe that our customers are really priceless – therefore we try to offer something priceless.
  • We make T-shirts – we make comfort.
  • Grab fancy products – find those in our shopping page.
  • We focus on good quality – we satisfy our customers.
  • Making an average outfit into an extraordinary one is the thing what we are here for.
  • Come and grab the fashionable one.
  • Fall in love with our products – give yourself pleasure.
  • We not only sell beautiful T-shirts but also the best style.
  • Free international shipping
  • Our products are way precious than diamond!
  • Looking for a perfect shopping page? – we can be your best choice.
  • The two loveliest sights of this world are mother & child and our dresses & you.
  • There is nothing like a good or bad dress, it’s the way you wear them.
  • Trend is the way you walk out from our store with shopping bags.
  • Two best things in this world, your personality and our products.
  • Want to enhance your personality? We are the best option for you.
  • Simplicity is another name of elegance.
  • Fashion will knock at your doorstep if your knock at ours.
  • Wear the T-shirt which we made from good fabric – feel the fabric – make your day special.
  • Our experienced staffs can help you in choosing the best T-shirts for you and your family members.
  • Our products will make you happy for sure.
  • We make unique T-shirts as your personality.
  • Be you – wear our T-shirts – make your own style statement.
  • Great discount – hurry up – visit our shopping page!
  • Gift yourself a perfect product – buy from us.
  • Check out our best sellers below
  • Buy fancy – stay fashionable –support our page.
  • The way you smile at the time of leaving our store with two bags full of clothes is the thing what we make dresses for.
  • Dress up simply cause that’s the key for elegance.
  • Get the feeling of being a celebrity with our freshly arrived T-shirt collection.
  • Wear your smile with our outfits and be the center of attraction.
  • Bored? – Our collections are brand new.
  • Are you looking for the perfect one? – You will find here.
  • Our designers paint four seasons on clothes so that you can wear them like nature.
  • Your money is precious – our products too.

Cool Instagram Bios for Your Online Store

  • Follow our shopping page – you will find the best products here.
  • An attractive and comfortable T-shirt will be able to turn you a superior person.
  • Our clothes and your confidence, the duo you were waiting for.
  • Our skilled staffs are ready to give you the best opinion on your queries about our T-shirt.
  • Buy from us – you will be gainer of the fashion world.
  • Fashion stores offers you seasons to carry on your clothes.
  • We believe in best quality within the affordable price to make our customers happy.
  • The key of our fashion store is your elegance.
  • Buy classy – buy smart – find it in our page.
  • Give your little one a beautiful T-shirt – make them look smart.
  • Our secret designer is your personality.
  • We make charming dresses to make your day charming.
  • Get dressed for yourself, we are inspiring to be selfish.
  • Look at our shopping page – fall in love with shopping.
  • All are available – it’s going to attract you – grab it.
  • Shopping is enjoyment – enjoy with us.
  • This is a lovable shopping page – you will fall in love for sure.
  • We offer a wide collection of V neck and round neck T-shirts according to your requirement.
  • Wear florals in winter and set your own trend.
  • Trust us – you look super sexy with a gorgeous product.
  • Right product with reasonable price – keeps shopping from us.
  • Visit our page – buy smart.
  • Confidence is the thing we sell with clothes for free.
  • Our T-shirts are available in all shapes & sizes.
  • Don’t think – just try now.
  • A good outfit to fit on every occasion – our stylish T-shirts.
  • Love shopping? – You will love our page.
  • We make T-shirts because you need T-shirt.
  • Enjoying a special date while wearing a unique T-shirt can always make you happy.
  • Want to set a fashion trend? Wear your weakness like necklace.
  • Where fashion was born – you will find your wishes in this page.
  • Average is your haters thinking – our dresses are extraordinary.
  • A shopping page that inspires your fashion sense – check it out.
  • Fashion? It`s just the way you wear florals in fall.
  • No one can make you fashionable unless you want it badly.
  • Shopping is love – keep loving with us.
  • Try new –buy new.
  • I do fashion with passion.
  • Elegance is the key to the lock named fashion.
  • Our products are modern – you will fall in love for sure.
  • Serving you with perfect fashion is our profession with passion.
  • Want to boost your confidence? Our fashion store is here for you.
  • Confidence is the main ingredient of our design, get it if you need it.
  • As a good seller of varieties types of T-shirts – we try to be very serious about our job of offering you the best T-shirts.
  • Everything you need is here on our single shopping page.
  • A bag full of clothes are not only happiness but confidence.
  • We make different kinds of T-shirts – because different is always beautiful.
  • We are perfect in our job – we take care of our customers.
  • Selling clothes is not our specialty selling happiness is!
  • Pet your confidence, not the myth – expensive equals to beautiful.
  • Boys can’t wear skirts, girls can wear pants. Stop judging.
  • Page you prefer for shopping – check out it.
  • Making history.
  • Give yourself a comfortable time with our comfortable T-shirts.

Unique Online Store Instagram Bios

  • Be stylish – be trendy – be fashionable – keep shopping from us.
  • We can give you good clothes, not good styles.
  • Page for shopping lover –it’s amazing.
  • Our display window carries the dreams of million people.
  • Products for all-season – you will find on this page.
  • We will help you to get better and good products.
  • Our T-shirt store has the best customer service to give you the best experience while shopping.
  • If you want to buy new things – visit our shopping page.
  • Money can’t be the root of evil since shopping brings people so much happiness
  • Looking for something stylish? – Don’t worry we are always here to offer you the best T-shirts.
  • Overdressing is the rumor spread by your haters.
  • Be gorgeous – find things on our page – we will make you gorgeous.
  • Fashion stores do not only offer clothes but confidence.
  • We know the actual reason for your satisfactory smile – we are capable of providing that through our T-shirts.
  • Grab a fashionable thing – visit our shopping page.
  • Want the best fashion advice in this world? Wear elegance.
  • Want to look classy every day? – Just wear our classy T-shirts every day.
  • We make clothes with the same affection as you raise your child.
  • Our clothes and your confidence are synonyms in a parallel universe.
  • Stay healthy – keep buying.
  • To me, fashion is more than passion.
  • We sell happiness here.
  • Listen to your heart – keep shopping -keep loving.
  • Stay weird.
  • Mother Nature gives us seasons; we give you clothes according to the seasons.
  • We always strive to become the best one in the field of fashion.
  • Fashion is the universal need – don`t you dare to womanize it.
  • Are you looking for a shopping page? – take a look at our shopping page.
  • You will find your favorite product -buy from us.
  • Personality and talent are the things you should be proud of and not expensive clothes.
  • Our products are our pride – try now.
  • Explore – buy – enjoy – show some love for our shopping page.
  • We satisfy customers – customers love us.
  • A bag full of clothes is similar to a bag full of confidence.
  • Keep searching – keep liking – keep buying.
  • Have a look in our page – you will fall in love.
  • Don’t worry – here everything is reasonable in price.
  • Fashion advice? Go and wear your personality like ornaments.
  • The best shopping page – where wishes come true.
  • We believe in helping people
  • We maintain our product quality – don’t think – try it now.
  • Our store is the Treasure Island for your fashion.
  • Making clothes for a fashion store is not any less than raising a kid.
  • Style? That is nothing else but how you carry clothes.
  • Our shopping page is perfect – it has perfect things for your buying.
  • Comfort is the secret word behind fashion.
  • Discover new collections on our page–you will be amazed.
  • Your elegance transforms an ordinary dress into an extraordinary one.
  • A perfect T-shirt from our store not only gives you special comfort but also a sense of confidence.
  • Wanna try something different? – Don’t worry – you will find it here.
  • You need fashion? Get some florals for fall.
  • We are sure that our T-shirts have the ability to convert each occasion from ordinary to extraordinary.

Funny Online Store Instagram Bios

  • You miss 100% of the dogs you don’t pet.
  • To have a good day, wear a good dress.
  • Offering different styles and varieties in the T-shirts– is our specialty.
  • We offer both cotton and laced T-shirts of other materials to meet your needs.
  • Welcome to my world.
  • Don`t be fashionable, be the fashion.
  • Elegance is rare – that’s why we wear makeup.
  • We make clothes according to your personality.
  • Shake off the dust of hesitance and you will be fashionable.
  • We are sure that you will like our products.
  • By wearing an attractive T-shirt made by us – you can easily get the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Our beautiful and lightweight T-shirts will make your every occasion more special with their special looks.
  • Buy our T-shirts now – it won’t make you regret it later.
  • Here, at our store, we do not judge people by gender.
  • Want to buy a gift for the special one? – get here.
  • Fashion is nothing else but the way you wear florals in winter.
  • Your smile inspires our clothes.
  • Yes, we sell clothes – but style is not for sale in our store!
  • We create fashion – buy fashion from us.
  • You need perfect products – our shopping page has them.
  • We don’t just plan to sell – we try our best to make the best T-shirts.
  • Wear our T-shirts – flare your personality with them.
  • The style of our T-shirt will suit you for sure.
  • Show love for our page –we value our customers.
  • If you want to be a star, we are here to help you with our fashion glitter.
  • Glance with elegance, fashion will be your pet.
  • We always dream to offer the best products to our clients – we trigger their satisfaction more than anything else.
  • Fashion is for everyone.
  • Want to get the best T-shirts at a reasonable price? – We are here to help you.
  • We made the myth comfortable fashion a reality.
  • We are good at converting your need for T-shirts to your love for T-shirts with our collections.
  • Looking for something new? – find on our page.
  • Our secret fashion tip for you is sneakers with gowns!
  • Your choice is our prestige – try now.
  • We are those who are aware of the worth of fashion – thus we create fashionable T-shirts only.
  • Dress well – be comfortable – wear our T-shirts.
  • Perfect page you search for shopping – try it now.
  • Our stores do not follow fashion trends – it follows your smile.
  • Buy the best from us – secure your fashion statement.
  • Changing your personality to follow fashion trends is like eating ice cream at boiling temperature.
  • Our products are up to your expectation – grab it.
  • We know the importance and real worth of the smiles and style– so we give our customers the best T-shirts.
  • Offers are limited – grab fast.
  • We are available all seasons – keep shopping from us.
  • Your trust in our T-shirts – that makes us successful.
  • Find fashion on our page.
  • So far, so good.
  • Fashion can be created – style can’t be!
  • Decent with discount – do shopping from our shopping page.
  • Diamonds can glow up your rings not your personality.
  • Our products are gorgeous – you will fall in love.
  • Our page values fashion –find fashionable things here.
  • Buy less clothing – choose good quality T-shirts – choose T-shirts made by us.
  • Fashion is embracing your dress like your child.
  • We maintain a large stock of exclusive T-shirts to meet your expectations and needs.
  • Buy today – enjoy tomorrow.
  • Our attractive and specially designed T-shirts have the power to grab the attention of our customers.
  • Are you looking for a perfect shopping page? – Welcome to our page.
  • Customers are our first priority.

Bio for Online Clothing Shop

  • Clothing, fashion, and style to make you feel good
  • We’re here to make you look good, feel good, and smell good.
  • Top Quality, Affordable and Ethical Clothing.
  • Always a classic. Always flattering. Always one of a kind.
  • We make versatile and comfortable clothes that are made to fit your needs.
  • Make every moment count.
  • We are a clothing business who believes in a lifestyle of style, fit, and comfort.
  • We’re all for mixing things up.
  • We’re so happy to be able to connect you with the best clothes and accessories!
  • We make our clothes for you to love wearing them, not buying them.
  • Turn up your style game with the latest collection of cool and unique sunglasses.
  • Our clothes are made for a festival. We hope you’re having a great time ♥️
  • Where fashion meets function.
  • The more you get out of your clothes, the more they’ll get out of you.
  • We create the most comfortable, stylish, and affordable clothing for men and women.
  • It’s a little bit of everything.
  • We are a boutique that loves to make you feel comfortable in your own style.
  • Clothing for your soul, body and spirit.
  • Live life with style 
  • The perfect outfit for every occasion.
  • Dress up or down, we’re always on point.
  • We believe that style is about owning your own identity.
  • Follow us to keep up with our new fashion trends and get exclusive deals.
  • We believe in creating the perfect fit for every body. We love seeing our customers wear their new pieces and sharing them with the world 
  • We’re here to help you keep your wardrobe classic, cool and on-trend.
  • Happy to be your new favorite place to shop clothes
  • Keep it fresh, keep it clean 
  • The clothing you wear says a lot about you. Wear it well.
  • The best part about a new season is finding what you love. 💃
  • We promise to bring you the most comfortable and innovative styles so you can look your best no matter what season it is.
  • We believe in inspiring individuals through the art of dressing.
  • We simply love what we do: bringing comfort to the world one piece at a time.
  • We’re not just a store—we’re a lifestyle.
  • Clothing that fits, styles that speak and designs that embrace.
  • We’re a clothing company that makes clothes for women who love fashion and vintage vibes
  • A fashion-forward take on everyday essentials. Shop our new arrivals here: shop.
  • We love fashion and we want to share it with you.
  • Follow for the latest updates, tips and tricks on how to get more Instagram followers.
  • Life is too short to be anything less than comfortable.
  • Good vibes, good vibes. We’re bringing you the latest in fashion and fashions.
  • We believe in the power of clothing to lift up every person.
  • Join the movement! Wear what you love, get inspired, and shop local.
  • We’re here to help you get the most out of your wardrobe
  • The coolest clothes at the coolest prices
  • Treat yourself to new clothes! Shop beautiful, affordable pieces for every season.
  • We’re always looking for new ways to express individual style and bring it to life. That’s why we love clothing.
  • We know fashion, we make it happen.
  • Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or go all out on a new project, you can find everything you need at our store! Visit us today for more options and inspiration.
  • Make sure your Instagram bio is as colorful and bold as their clothes! 🎈
  • We want to help you feel good in your own skin. See every day as an opportunity to style your life, not just what’s on the rack.
  • The best way to stay sharp is with a good pair of jeans.
  • We are a family of humanitarians, who are making the world a better place one shirt at a time.
  • Let your style speak for itself.
  • Wear with pride. Tell a story.
  • Designed for the woman who doesn’t like to be average.
  • Clothing is for the people who want to be noticed in a crowd.

How To Create A Great Instagram Bio: 7 Steps

1. Add A Searchable Keyword On Your Instagram Name Field and Username

The first step to optimizing your Instagram bio is to add a searchable keyword on the name field and the username.

Ideally, whenever users type a keyword or a name on the Instagram search field, the app populates results based on your username to determine the most relevant search results.

Search results are matched by text. Using an Instagram username or profile name that’s related to the content of your posts is your best bet for showing up in relevant searches.

For example, if you are an artist, you may want to include your job title along with your full name on the username or the name field. That way, people searching for you or your services on Instagram can find your account easily.

Notice how Asiko, a professional artist, uses the name field to include his occupation for clarity.

That way, when you search for an artist or use their name, you can find their account easily.


If you want to change your Instagram username or name, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to your profile on Instagram

Step 2: Tap or click edit profile

Step 3: Enter the right name and username

Step 4: Hit the submit button or click save, depending on the device you are using.

2. Highlight Your Skills & Target Audience

When Instagram users search you and find your profile, the next thing they will do is check out your bio to make sure they are viewing the right account.

Therefore, a good Instagram bio communicates what your business does and even mentions your target audience.

Having a 150 character count limit for your bio can feel a little tight, so this is your chance to explain to your audience why and how they should get in touch or shop from your brand.

Here are key tips to help you highlight your skills and explain to them what you do.

  • Try to keep your expression simple
  • Use a single thread or theme to link your expressions together
  • Choose readily understandable terms / avoid jargon and acronyms
  • Focus on benefits, not features

For example, Ericka, who Is a social media marketer and an Instagram expert, includes a clear description of what her business entails at the beginning of her bio.

She mentions: “I coach brands on how to use IG to attract, connect + convert their followers”.


Right after reading this description, her audience gets a glimpse of the types of services offered and what her content is going to look like.

3. Include Relevant Keywords On Your Instagram Bio

While adding keywords on your username and name field makes you discoverable, the Instagram bio is also a great place to add keywords you want to rank for.

Typically, using keywords on your Instagram may not directly help you become more discoverable on the app, but will give your account more focus and connect you with like-minded followers.

When describing your business on the Instagram bio section, include secondary and primary keywords:

Primary keywords are the main words describing your business. For example, for a landscaping expert, “gardener” might be the primary keyword.

Secondary keywords are those that add a bit more detail to the primary keywords and are more related to the searcher's intent. In our example, secondary keyword can be “gardener near me.”

Adding primary and secondary keywords to your Instagram bio enables your audience to feel more connected to your brand.

Here are a few tips to guide you when choosing relevant keywords:

  • Refer to Google Autocomplete: when you type an inquiry into the Google search bar, Google autocompletes the inquiry based on the most popular phrases people used in that context.
  • Look for Synonyms and Semantics: try looking for other ways of describing the keywords you have entered.
  • Google Keyword Planner: The free keyword research tool tells you the average search volume and how competitive the keyword is.
  • Use paid keyword research tools: SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are examples of paid keyword research tools to give you insights into your Instagram bio keywords.


The simplest approach of adding a link to your Instagram is displaying it in your profile.

Unlike links placed on Instagram comments and posts, a link on your Instagram bio will be hyperlinked. That means whenever Instagram users tap on the link, they will go straight to your website.

When you create an Instagram post, include a call to action that tells visitors to check out your profile for the relevant link to your e-commerce store or website.

Alternatively, you can use a service like Linkin. bio, which turns your whole Instagram feed into a clickable landing page and drives traffic to your website.

When you add links to any Instagram posts your Instagram audience will be directed to the right content or products on your website.

For example, Barbara Corcoran, a real estate professional uses linktree.com to add a link to her business unusual podcast.

That way, she can drive traffic to her podcast effectively.


5. Add Your Contact Information

Adding contact information on your Instagram bio means Instagram users can contact you directly. It is an excellent means of developing your brand and Instagram business opportunities.

You can add your phone number, email address, or address to the physical location. This way, anyone who wants to know more about your brand can get in touch with you conveniently.

For example, Décor Finity, supplier of household items includes a phone number of their Instagram bio information.


6. Get Creative With Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is a great space to convey who you are and what you do. You may also want to use that space to show off your personality and have fun.

Here are some ideas of how to use that space to have fun and show off your personality:

Add Emojis To your Bio Description

Instead of having any text-heavy sections in your bio, you can add some Emojis.

Here is a great example of how to use Emojis in your bio.


Add Branded Hashtags

You can use the branded hashtag to let your audience know about your hashtag by including it in your Instagram bio and highlighting it in your captions and Instagram stories.

Here are great examples of how to use branded hashtags on your Instagram bio.


Add Line Breaks to Your Bio

Text-heavy parts can clutter your Instagram bio.

Adding extra space to the Instagram bio makes the information more bite-sized and consumable.

Darryl Cheng gives us a great example of how to add line breaks to your Instagram bio.


7. Add a Relevant Profile Picture

The final step in the process of optimizing your Instagram bio is choosing a relevant profile picture.

The obvious choice for this would be your brand logo as appears on your website, marketing materials, or other social media platforms.

Adding an identifiable picture makes it easy for your target audience to recognize you.

It also helps to raise brand awareness by making sure it is constantly visible within your niche on Instagram.


A great Instagram bio creates a great first impression and reflects what your brand offers in the first instance.

When creating the Instagram bio for travelers, explain who you are and what you offer your audience. You can do this easily by including keywords on the username and name field.

Include keywords on your bio description, and add a link to your website or blog, to drive Instagram users to your profile.

Do not forget to include your contact address, so that your users can get in touch easily.

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