How To Reach Out To Prospects Via LinkedIn InMail

How To Reach Out To Prospects Via LinkedIn InMail

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The InMails are sent on a pay-per-send basis, and cost anywhere from $0.30 to $1 per send depending on your target audience

What Is LinkedIn Outreach?

LinkedIn Outreach is the process of sending direct LinkedIn messages to prospects.

Consider that direct messaging is LinkedIn's primary one-to-one communication approach. Therefore, sending direct LinkedIn message provides marketers an effective approach for reaching the target audience in a personal way.

Often referred to as LinkedIn Inmail, LinkedIn direct messaging could accelerate your lead generation pipeline.

LinkedIn Outreach Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn InMail is limited to 1st connections or users with LinkedIn Premium
  • Before sending a LinkedIn direct message, take time to understand your audience and customize the message
  • Your LinkedIn direct message should try to achieve positive emotional and behavioral reactions.
  • To attain higher response rates, ensure a catchy subject line and make the content easy to understand.

Understanding How LinkedIn Outreach Works

The core reason for turning to LinkedIn direct messages is to turn new connections into genuine leads. LinkedIn outreach starts with a simple connection request.

After a successful connection, you send a follow-up message. Whether you send the connection request or follow up via LinkedIn InMail, make sure you get the message right.

Remember, LinkedIn users are often professionals, and they do not have time to read a fluffy message. Thus, follow these tips when composing and sending LinkedIn InMail.

  • It is better to keep the message short and direct to the point
  • Take the time to personalize LinkedIn messages so that your prospects can take time to respond.
  • Find a way to create an original message and stand out from other LinkedIn marketers.
  • Try to slip a tease into your message so that your prospects will want to learn more.

Real-World Examples Of Succesful LinkedIn Outreach

1. Blackline

Blackline is a leading creator of cloud-based accounting and financial software.

The company hosted a webinar featuring PepsiCo`s Finance and Accounting executives as they discussed their successful experience using blackline.

At first, the digital marketing team Faced a challenge in driving webinar registrations and increasing content marketing engagement.

Blackline's digital marketing team started using LinkedIn Sponsored InMail to connect with CFOs, CAOs, and Controllers, who were the main target audience.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, Blackline's digital marketing team, sent personalized messages targeting them by title, geographic location, industry, and more.


Recognizing the quality of LinkedIn InMail, Blackline Management doubled down on content marketing efforts and hired a manager to reinforce messaging and build awareness using LinkedIn Sponsored InMail.


CBRE is a commercial real estate services and investment firm focusing on helping investors, property owners, and occupants solve the most demanding industry challenges.

In the past, CBRE relied on traditional communication channels to reach their target audiences.

Recently, the digital marketing team switched to Sponsored LinkedIn InMail as an outreach platform for targeting and delivering one-to-one communications.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail gave CBRE the confidence that an active and engaged audience that would more likely convert will receive their messages.


How To Start LinkedIn Outreach

  • Navigate to campaign manager
  • Choose campaign goals and objectives
  • Set up sender permissions
  • Build a message based on the campaign objectives
  • Add creative (choose to include a banner image)
  • Preview the message and send yourself a test version of the message
  • Select the target audience
  • Set bid and budget
  • Measure and optimize the results

LinkedIn outreach campaigns can be rewarding so long as you put in the effort to customize the message and target a potential audience.

To get started, create your LinkedIn account. Alternatively, hire a virtual assistant on Upwork to lead your LinkedIn Outreach campaigns.


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